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  1. Went to get my haircut this morning...

    Twitched while the lady was cutting my hair, because I was blazed from a wake and bake.

    She fucked it up. I had to shave my head. Sad panda.
  2. Happened to me like a week ago. Except I wasn't high. I was still planning on buzzing my head, but not nearly as short.

    My dad was buzzing my head at a 6 for me. I hate when my scalp shows so 6 is the shortest I go. Anyways, I moved or some shit while he was cutting off the fuzz on my neck and he took a fatty chunk put of the back of my hair. So after slamming my head into a wall with anger, I had to go with a 3. Oh well.
  3. i had the biggest afro in my whole town and my mom hated it she gave me a 75 dollars to cut it she hated it that much and when the lady was cuttin it i almost cried i was so sad and it hurt like a mothafucka lol atleast i was high lol
  4. haha these haircut stories are great!!! i dont have any really, except one time my neighbor was cutting his own hair and his clipers broke on him half way he comes knocking on my door(he knows we have clipers) and my brother answers the door...problem is this kid is a dick, so we tell him our clippers are also broke lmao...not sure what he ended up doing but he looked hilarious walkin the neighborhood with a half shaven head lmfao
  5. pics or it didnt happen
  6. that sucks man, hopefully u didnt pay for it
  7. when i was in like fifth grade i forgot to put the clippers on so it was at zero so i put a bald spot on the top of my head. i kept it and ended up going to school witha big bald spot on the top of my head lol
  8. Man I shaved my head like last week. Nice and manly! haha

  9. ahahaha pics??
  10. I got my haircut today by my favorite milf hair dresser. All we talk about is how fucked the Government is and the failed drug war & how its bullshit on the east i can be prescribed all painkillers but not non addictive cannabis & not have it covered by tax like prescription HEROIN pretty much, & our past experiences with unmentionables & all sorts of dope shit. Didn't get my cock licked, but she's a boss fa shooooooooooooo
  11. Thats pretty boss. I have to control my boner when a hot ass chick washes my hair. Goddamn. Feels so good.
  12. I had an accidental mullet once. Fuck that.
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  14. [ame=]That makes me a sad panda. - YouTube[/ame]

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