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  1. Going for a job interview today and I currently have a mop of untrained hair and an out of control chinstrap.

    I was thinking just a crewcut, but what looks the most professional? I usually just shave everything down to a zero and start again but my dad says I look like a skinhead haha.
  2. I just shave down to a one myself. Or maybe just comb your hair and tie it up? lol
  3. 4 on top, 2 on the sides and back

  4. That is about what I get, I let it grow long and get it cut once to twice a year. I have them shave the sides down to a inch then have the top a little longer, look sthe best IMO.
  5. When I'm looking for something smart I get them to shave it to a 2 or a 3 on the sides and back and cut it short on top with scissors, looks short and clean without looking like a skinhead ahaha.
  6. Going with cookiecrisp on this one guys, headed out now wish me luck on this interview I need a JOB!!!!
  7. Goodluck on the job blue :smoke:
  8. Best of luck, mate. Bring home that bacon. :smoke:
  9. you got this interview man, you don't even need luck... rock that new cut and get that job :smoke:
  10. Short back and sides

    It's a classic
  11. i wouldn't take any advice on a specific haircut to get. just keep your normal haircut unless it's something crazy. when in doubt, go with the buzz cut. it looks clean and professional, as long as it isn't skinhead short like you said

    good luck
  12. Nailed it, I start on the 10th! :D

    Thanks for the good luck wishes erryone!
  13. Boss. Getting paid yo. Congrats!

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