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  1. I always had long, flowing amazing hair that all the ladies wanted to play with until i turned 22. Then one day day GOD said "Naw man, you cant have that". (I picture my Jesus as a dude, with 40 oz of Chimay Beer, although im not Belgium nor Monk, i just really think if gods drank beer, it would be Chimay.) So anyway, i shave my head at 22. Right after i shave my head i have the feeling im born again. I do and act things that i wouldnt regularly do with a shaved head. And it turns out for the better.

    My friend Donna says its "the past emotional cargo that your hair holds", thus the reason why Monks are bald. Anyway, since i couldnt grow hair on my head, i decided to grow it on my face. I had a goat-tee (not sure, nor do i care how its properly spelled) for about a year and a half, maybe more. My sister died about a year and a half ago, and i kinda been growing it for personal reasons, mainly to remember my sister who was only 19. I shaved my beard today along with other facial hair, mainly for the fact that its super fucking hot (im talking 100+ degrees). AND i want a change in my life. It has not been great for me for a few years. So in the Monk aspect, which i know nothing about, but has proved my right in the past, i have shaved my entire body in hopes of a brighter future. I could just be high, drunk, or impulsive, but i think it will be better in the long run. Anyone else that thinks hair hold emotional value?
  2. Pass that shit you're smoking. I want a hit! :bongin:
  3. Haha yeah im pretty baked right now. shave your head, you will know what im talking about!

  4. Eh, I don't know if that's a good idea.
    It might make me cooler out here, however I like my hair.

    Also I've heard from people that shaving can sometimes help brighten your mood. So I'm sure that will work for the top of your head as well.

    As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new.
    Quite frankly, I think everything comes down to the Placebo effect.
  5. well...its dead body WILL eventually get rid of it on its own by and by...but helping your boy do things like that tends to release endorphins...think of it like exfoliating ;)
  6. I know what your saying dude. I don't know about shaving my entire body, not really my cup of tea. I had long hair for a long time, and cut it all off at around the same age as you and had similar feelings.;)
  7. personally something just feels so wrong when i have short hair, it doesn't look bad, but i just love having long hair

    i think that it holds as much emotional value as anything else that grows on your body (eyebrow hair, pubes, arm hair, leg hair, etc.... there really is no true difference when you think about it, they just grow in different places). i think that in your mind you think it holds emotional value, so when you cut it you feel like you've given yourself a reason to feel better about your past... really you could feel the same way with a little willpower and realization.

    however i respect your decision to do that, i know it takes some serious willpower to cut off your hair when its nice and long, and if it makes you feel good, thats all that matters!
  8. Rasta's believe that hair holds in your bodies energy. Thats why they grow it out so long. If monks look to release that energy then haveing a shaved head makes sence.

    Everytime I grow my hair a little bit and get it buzzed I feel a difference in my emotions. A lot more free'er when I shaved.
  9. i hate the way i look with a shaved head.

    and i saw a guy dressed like a Tibetan monk at walmart the other day.
  10. i like growing out the rocker hair. so i can head bang. but my gf makes me cut it lol. she doesn't like my head bangin.

    i've shaved my head a couple times, but i dont like the look. i think guys with shaved heads look, i dunno, mean i guess. maybe intimidating.
  11. Fuck i'm high
  12. I recently was in a break-up and I'm still getting over it. But once the relationship ended I decided to shave my head (it was hot out, i just wanted something new and spontaneous) and I feel like it was a way of me shedding off all the stress from my ex-gf. It has helped me get over everything in a way.

    But I think I am going to grow it back to normal length this fall semester because I think I look more attractive with a full head of hair.

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