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  1. Whats your hairstyle?

    Mine pretty much just looks like i havent gotten a haircut in 3 months. Why? Because i havent, duh.

    Oh yeah, i forgot to add most of it is hid under my scallycap :D
  2. shaved head.

    the hair on my ass is longer :p

    usually its about a 1/4 inch...

    hmm.... should i shave my ass??? hahahahaha.
  3. Five inches long or so the whole way around. Shaggy looking, pretty curly.

    Almost broke down and shaved it the other day, but decided to at least keep it to stay warm during the winter.

    Hmmm, maybe I'll get it cornrowed, hah.

    < Heh, 420 posts. Woo!
  4. My hair was like 5 inches long on most of my head it was sweet, but I got cut about 2 months ago

    edited: spelling is hard

  5. dont kid yourself, we all know you dig the assfro ;)

  6. My hair's kinda 60's fabulous...with the pouffieness in the back and the little piece in front thats hard agains the head. My hair's way short though....longest layer 3" shortes 1"
  7. my hairs dark brown,just past my shoulders and i have the ends done red.

    there, thats it lol
  8. around 4-4.5" all around my head, shaggy, wavy (not curly). dark brown. the more i have outside my head, the less there is inside taking up room my brain could use.

  9. same way here... i gota take a run down to grandmas house.. caus she cuts my hairs for free and she feeds me too so y the hell not go say hi to grandma

    Kinda like your picture?? huh..... ? :)
  10. Braids down to about the middle of my shoulder blades, cut short underneath.
  11. i got shaggy blond slightly curly hair. in the front it goes down to my chin and my shoulders in the back.
  12. short... usually looks a lil intentionally disorderly or nice with the front pushed up.... brownish with streaky natural blonde kinda all up in it...
  13. its fairly long and wavy brown. i havent gotten it cut since june ..damn 9 months :) im going to get it cut ocd style this weekend though for spring

  14. Just like my picture.
  15. My hair is gettin to be pretty long. I had a shaved head during the summer and around October I started to grow it for the winter...havent cut it since. So its like the same lenth all around, front, back, sides. I'm gonna cut it into a mohawk soon, have that for a bit, then shaved head for summer.
  16. spiked...usually green, blue or's dark brown right now cause i shaved it and i'm letting it grow out
  17. spiked.

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  18. for awhile i had it long (for me at least) like 3 inches or so during the winter but now im back to my shaves its bout 1/8 of an inch or less
  19. my hair is aboot shoulder length and i just had it colored. some mahogany or something lol. idk. my best friend is my hair stylist, and i just let her do whatever. she owns her salon, so we get ripped, she'll cut my hair, or we'll color eachothers hair. i love it!

  20. Hey let me ask you a question. Do the Eagles of Death Metal actually play any metal? I coulda sworn I heard a clip a while back with no signs of metal at all.

    Oh and BTW, I have a pretty average haircut for a white mail. It's short, kinda faded from buzzed to an inch long. brown and boring.

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