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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crucialbuho, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. i was with a couple friends the other day while smoking and one of them started talking about smoking hair.
    he said that thc gets built up in the stalk of the hair and you can get high if you smoke it.

    i had a few questions, when i tried it i didnt get high! is it because i dont smoke enough?
    am i smoking the wrong type of hair?:confused:
  2. What the fuck?
  3. for real thc gets built up in ur hair but u can get high from it. people use it on drug test, because ur hair takes the longest to "detox" it can take yrs to hav no trace sof MJ in ur hair
  4. i know, i smoked a shitload and didn't get high at all. maybe i got bunk hair:mad:
  5. This is a joke thread. Don't feed the troll. Funny, though. You'll get alot of responses.
  6. I'm getting tired of this shit. Faxing acid, smoking hair, brushing teeth with weed, drinking out of light bulbs- The city's going down hill because of all these dumb fucking noobs. There, I said it. Go ruin someone else's forum. Bitches.
  7. for real yo. shit is gettin old quick
  8. I found "faxing acid" to be hilarious. But for real, this is kinda dumb. Obviously you didn't smoke enough of your hair!
  9. Why would you put a thread about smoking hair in the "seasoned tokers" section anyways?
  10. Wow, this shit is pretty lame. Even if you could get high off of it, who the fuck wants to smoke hair? The smell of burning hair alone is horrible.
  11. I bet your friends are longhairs.
  12. the topic alone doesn't really bother me that much, but the fact that it's in the seasoned tokers' section bothers me. if this was in recreational use or general maybe i wouldn't mind, because you see stupid threads there all the time anyways. there is nothing about this post that would come close to merit it being in this section.
  13. Now you have to admit faxing acid, that's fuckin' hilarious but this is dumb. I was on an old forum that has recently been raped and ravished by new people and a new site owner but anyways yeah I know what you mean about the feeling of having your forum invaded, shit sucks. Thats actually why I came here so sorry maybe if you might be referring to me?

    Edit: I just threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of the TASTE of burning hair let alone the smell..
  14. I don't know the names of the people, but this is just getting on my last nerve. I know "talk to the mods about it, not the people" but the mods can't do anything to prevent people from joining or posting threads. I mean, this alone is a big reason as to why I wanted to delete my account a few months ago.
    I'm cool with new people coming in and adding positively to the GC community, but I just.... idk. i'm beyond tired of this.
  15. i just vaped some hair and im flying
  16. i smoked hair before, but only cuz i didn't feel like picking it out of the nug i found on my rug before i put it in my bowl. i got high, but i think it was from the weed.
  17. SMoke hair?ROFLMFAO.That is fucking gross.And it isnt thc they test for in drug tests its what thc brakes down into.
  18. LOL u gotta admit, the faxing acid thread wass class act
  19. LMAO I remeber those, I was laughing so hard
  20. man, youre probably just smokin the wrong kind of hair!

    pubes are the only kind of hair that gets me high anymore. a bowl of your fresh shavings will FUCK YOU UP, man.

    you might have tolerance though, so get your friends to contribute some of their pubes to your bowl.
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