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hair testing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by e20dylan, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know how to pass one of these tests 100%? its not just about buying shampoo that will clean your hair. there are certain companies now a days that will get a hair from anywhere on your body. even pubic hair. I can pass a piss test 100% just dont know about the hair tho...
  2. Fuck man, I have no idea how to get away with hair testing. Saliva and piss tests are the most a lot of people are willing to pay to test.
  3. Invest in a razor?
  4. Sorry to say dude... I have done extensive research on hair testing. I read on a forum somewhere, I don't remember which one (not GC) that a guy that actually works in a testing facility laid it all out for everyone. He said that there are no ways to fool the equipment that tests the chemicals that accumulate in the hair itself. The chemical compounds are within the hair, not on the hair. They dissolve the hair and put it through a mass spectrometer that reads all the chemical makeups in the dissolved hair. There can be hair (head hair) that cannot be tested such as heavily bleached hair. But if head hair is not long enough or has been bleached they can just take body hair. Now with all that said, get this.. Head hair usually has to be a minimum of 1 1/2" to test (most testing facilities) 1 1/2" head hair will find THC on average as far back as 3 months. So under normal conditions each 1/2" of head hair represents 1 month of any drug use. The longer your head hair the farther back it can detect drugs. Now as for body hair, since it grows at a slower rate the test will represent drug use over the last year. The guy also said shampoo that is being sold out there saying it will clean your hair to pass a test just does not work. You are wasting your money.
  5. Ya good info man thanks. I was told that if the hair wasnt long enough they take it from somewhere else. I was also told at this one place this guy shaved his head. they got it from his eye brow. its stupid

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