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Hair Or Urine Drug Test? For Dow Chemical Company?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jorge55, May 20, 2013.

  1. \tWhat kind of drug test does Dow Chemical in Texas does to engineers?I received an offer to work with Dow in Texas as an engineer. And I really want this job. Its my dream job!

    I know urine test are the most common among employeers but I want to make sure its not hair test.

    Does anybody knows which kind of drug test I'll have to go thru?
    I'm freaking out because I'm afraid of hair test.
    This is my smoking history ==> 3 times a week until March 31. No smoke until May 9 thru may 13
    (4 days of smoking). And no smoking after that and I dont plan to smoke again until I pass the test ;)
    I'm not sure when the test will be since I'm still waiting for them to tell me. But I think I'll have to take it in about 2 weeks mabye 3 weeks.
    So, what is it? Hair or Urine test????
    Please only answer if you have done the test with Dow. I can google it myself but I want real life experiences please.

    Thank you guys!!
  2. I realize you posted this a few years ago, but what kind of screening process did you have at Dow?


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