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Hair on mah penis

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Peter Griffin, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. What do you guys do about the hair that goes part way up your penis? I shave it but its always prickly the next day. Is there a better solution?

  2. I just got used to it that way, fairly natural shit goin on there.
  3. I have a bit that grows near the sack, I'll usually shave it and it wont grow back for a couple days.

    Perhaps just shave it the day you are gonna have sex. Idk if its an issue, but seems like the pricks of hairs growing back could poke a hole in the condom :eek:
  4. Girls love the hairy cocks man
  5. I only grow hair on the head of my penis.

  6. lol like a tree? You got roots at the ballsack and foliage at the head? :p

    to answer the question, if you don't get laid every day, just shave the day of/night before you're expecting sex.
  7. Yes. Almost exactly like a tree..
  8. Does it look like a paint brush?
  9. I'm very insecure about the size of my endowment so I won't compare it to anything less than the size of a tree.
  10. im pretty self-conscious about my manscaping down there, because my hair tends to go unusually far up the shaft:confused::eek:, so yea, i shave down there... nice and clean all the way down the shaft/a bit around it, then the rest i just trim up nice, not completely shaven, but a good length. as long as i keep it up, its fine... but again, i'm really insecure about the hair down there... its gotta be the italian in me. but, i deal... s'all good
  11. remember kids...go WITH the grain, not against it.

    There are few things worse than ingrown hairs on a mans shaft
  12. I've had good experiences with shaving sideways, neither with nor against the grain.
  13. with yo sasquatch lookin ass dick
  14. try some nair. lady at work told me she put nair on her bf's leg and the hair never grew back.
  15. Wax on wax off
  16. Get a perm, nobody can tell where it starts, and where it ends. (plus its fluffy, and girls love fluffy things right?)
  17. Don't use nair. Not on your penis. Don't.
  18. i lold
  19. yeah nair is a bad call haha.

    I usually just trim it down unless I happen to shave my balls than ill just shave that as well.
  20. It's possible to grow hair on the shaft of your dick? Weird.

    Mine's really smooth :D

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