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  1. I want a new hair style but I'm clueless when it comes to hair.

    So now it time for you, GC, to suggest a super-special-awesome haircut for me!!! since I lack all knowledge of hair and hair styles

    My hair is kind of... grown out and long and bushy and without style. I got lazy over the summer. =] Now I've never been a huge hair person. I ALWAYS wear it down and I don't like spending eternity and back fixing it in the morning. I'm simple when it comes to hair.

    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Thickness: Thick as a jungle
    Hair Type: Wavy, a little curly, does not behave. But I do have a straightener that works wonders on it
    Hair length: Past the shoulders
    Part: Down the middle. And it won't go anywhere else.
    Face type: Heart-shaped

    this is what it looks like on days I straighten it and pay some attention to it.

  2. ^^ ew fuck no.

    bangs make girls look like idiots.
  3. [​IMG]

    haha on second thought,
  4. ^^ hate them both!

    ..I like how you've it in that pic, Revolution
  5. jonahm, the first girl one looks nice. Keep em coming.
  6. You'd be surprised at how easily you could retrain your hair to part other ways. Mine always parts down the middle, but now my bangs know better when I comb them to the side.

    With that in mind, you could get something short or long, I'd get some layers so you wouldn't have to work so hard, bangs are up to you.
    The hair styles that are a little shorter in back than they are in front are super cute, especially when they're above the shoulders.
  7. if you're not opposed to side bangs and a little bit more of a layered look, i'd think it would definitely enhance your features. you have a very pretty face but it looks like it's just hanging a curtain around it. also a few light highlights here and there that look natural would also be very pretty.
  8. I had been bummed out about my hair style for a while, but changing the part to the side did wonders for me. I think it makes me look way cuter.
  9. also if it's thick, you can ask your hair stylist to thin it out. makes my hair feel not so heavy and i can fuckin breathe! it's amazing. also.. better to cut it off bit by bit instead of hacking it all off on one go. you can always subtract but not add.
  10. I like your hair now. :)

    But I'm also not opposed to bangs on girls.
  11. Bangs are all well and good... until you get tired of them. And then you're stuck. With fucking bangs. And you try to grow them out... and they get longer and longer, and then they get in a weird awkward stage and one day you're like 'ARRRRG' and you cut them, and then you're back to square one. With bangs. Still.

    Yeah, I had bangs for quite a few years.

    tea.mochi made some good points though. I parted my hair down the middle my whole life because that's the way it always parted, but once I tried parting it on the side for a while it got used to it, now it's trained. lol

    I went with the side bang thing... They're still annoying me though, I'm still trying to grow them out and they still get in awkward annoying phases where I end up just cutting them. Le sigh.
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    Honestly Rev, I dig it as is.

    If you want to give it body, try feathering it.

    I've got hippy hair right now. It's long and flat. I'll end up feathering mine soon enough to give it some build.

    Edit - On second thought, I used the wrong word.

    LAYERED. Not Feathered. Good lord.
  13. A tip on growing out bangs...I was in that cycle for a while. I didn't want bangs anymore but I had this awkward phase where one side would curl out and one would curl in. So I bought bobby pins and just pinned them back until they were long enough that the weight straightened out the slight curl.
  14. Good thinking Hempress.
    It would also be good to just use some bobby pins or cute clips to help train your part without it looking dumb.
  15. bald chicks rule,,,,

    shave it all off,,,,

    ,,[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ... or you can be a freak,,,,,{ guys like freaks }

    ,,[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    ponytails are cool also,,,,

    ..[​IMG] :cool:

    my hair advice sucks,,,,,,,:p
  16. I think Britney killed the bald look, chicken :(

  17. oh well theres allways the '' FREAK LOOK''.....:cool:
  18. I've heard/read that layered hair looks good on any face shape, and you have the length for it as well.

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