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Hair in bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighAgain, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. So, maybe its just me but it seems like all the but i get in Houston is sparkling and just fucked up. I took a friend to reup on Q and he gets back in the car and he lets me examine it , it had hair in ALL of the buds. Not just lose hair hanging out but if you examine the bud very closesly you could see a hair and if you yank at it, it will come out through the bud, sometimes the hair is long. weird shit. anyone know wtf?
  2. Is it animal or human hair?

    Perhaps an animal is protecting the grow source.
  3. thats wierd but hair falls out all the time its not really unlikely for you to find hair in your baggy. I found my cats hair in this bag i was wieghing out and it made me laugh
  4. Fresh bud is sticky, the air is moving in a grow room, hair blows around and gets stuck to the buds. Finding hair in all the buds is a little weird though.
  5. ive found little tiny hars no longer than the quote lines on your keyboard but i dont care i mean if its grown indoors theres bound to be some shit sticking to it.
  6. Almost every bud in the QP had some hairs that we could pull out and be like wtf. human hair maybe. I was thinking cat hair but the shit would be really long . It was a while ago .. Idont know
  7. gross
  8. thats pretty gross and i really wouldnt want to smoke it if there was hurrr all over the buds. I complain to the person you bought it from and see what he has to say...
  9. I dont even think the stuff that was in my buds was hair it looked like it might be dried resin from the growing plant cuz it was clear like.
  10. prob got dropped on the floor
  11. it was in some ones crotch so it is pubic hair thats what you get for smoking regs
  12. I got a perfect O of NYC diesel but almost every bud had a hair in it. It pissed me off
    The only hairs I want in my bud r those little red ones.
  14. omg :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  15. Who said anythoung about being regs? He paid 1350 my friend. Shit aint cheap either
  16. I'd ask whoever you got it from about that...

    Also, I love your sig HighAgain, absolutely awesome.
  17. hahahaha, i thought i was the only one, sometimes when i get half pounds they have hairs just like how your describing, i thought it was just me lol
  18. yea ive seen that in some bud i got a while ago

  19. I've found some hairs in my bud occasionally, like INSIDE the bud... so my conclusion was the same as chimpx here: if mustve got stuck to the plant as it was growing, and then when the flowers swelled up, they trapped it inside one of the buds.
  20. I'm glad i'm not the only one. It was verrrry strange. Mylar if you dont mind me asking where you live? Hairy bud ftl.

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