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Hair Folliclle Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RugbyWeed23, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. I smoke a few times a week. My girlfriend smokes maybe 2x a year. She smoked back in May 2014, a few hits from a bowl, and has a hair follicle drug test in a few weeks. This puts her at around 180 days. She is fairly active, eats healthy, and only took a few hits from a bowl. What are your opinions on her passing/failing a hair follicle drug test.

  2. I spent a week on this Forum waiting on my HFT and Got the call today that I passed! I decided to post because I didn't quite see anyone with the exact situation as mine....ok so background.

    Became a infrequent smoker last year because I got pregnant so I smoked the first few months for morning sickness maybe once every 2-3 days then after 3 months I maybe smoke 1-3 times a month for the rest of the pregnancy except the 8th and 9th month (none). I had my baby and smoked maybe 2-3 times a month (breastfeeding). (smoking for me is 1/4-1/3 of a blunt)
    Side note...judge if you will but I have done my research on the effects on the baby and mother and it is perfectly fine and a few benefits (do your research). Ok back to the story.....Decided I would get a salaried job ( as I work for myself) when my baby turned 4 months and cut back to 2 times a month and then was clean for 30 days before the HFT. I had recently gotte a Keratin treatment on my hair ( African American Female) to straighten the curls some ( not for the test, just something I do every 3-6 months to loosing my curls) but DID NO OTHER PREP! PASSSSED! Start my high SALARY $$$$ Job tomorrow people!

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