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Hair follicle test?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 96Spec Ek, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. lol, damn dude that stuff looks like it eats your hair alive ahahahaha.

    Well, I think in theory it should work since thc is a chemical adulterant in your hair, but then again the way it embeds itself in your hair is through the dried blood that makes up your hair, so I'm not sure if it would remove thc or not.

    Anyways, it MIGHT work. Good luck one way or another.

    check out the second link under "Getting a Drug Test?" in my sig and you can learn all you want about drug tests. It even has info on hair follicle tests.
  2. Nah it didnt damage my hair at all. I just hope it worked cause I start the job tomorrow and the test wont come back till tuesday or wensday next week. It would really suck to get fired. Ive been trying to get a job like this for a while. I guess time will tell.:confused:

    Ps thanks for the good luck!!!
  3. damn bro what job are they testin for hair, i know the gov does for some jobs
  4. In Florida they test for mostly every job. Im hired as a general service technician at Goodyear Tires Co.

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