Hair Follicle Test

Discussion in 'General' started by Trader joe, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Taking a hair follicle test on Wednesday (8/14/2019) for pre employment.

    My question is will I pass??

    Here’s my history:

    27 years old 6’1 260 lbs. Heavy smoker for 4 years straight. Don’t really workout. Short brown hair (balding). I haven’t smoked in 410 days.

    Will I pass the hair follicle test? Should I do anything to prepare??

    Any advice/comments would help.
  2. You're fine
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  3. probably good to go, thats over a year

    from what i've heard, hair tests go back 6 months
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  4. Most go back three months, depends on the length of hair they get but beyond the three month mark things get wonky with hair tests...Most hair tests will test an inch and a half of hair which covers a three month period, give or take.:coolalt:
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  5. I’m curious since I’m losing my hair would that have any effect on the time thc would remain in my hair follicles due to not growing new hair?
  6. No...And they'll just get hair from somewhere else on the body.

    Hair always grows even if it isn't on your head.:coolalt:

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