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Hair Follicle Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChicoRico75, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone , I'm up here just trying to get some more insight and tips on this follicle drug test I have coming up in about 4 days. I quit smoking about two days ago.
    My background: I’m a pretty heavy smoker and have been for about the last 3 years without any breaks. I go through about a cartridge every 5 days along with smoking about another 8th of flower per week. About a month ago I was taking dabs almost daily as well. I’m an African American male with hair about 2 inches long right now. I’ve read that long 250+ post up here with everyone’s different methods they had used and I’ve studied up on the Macujo and JerryG method as well.
    So far I’ve purchased two bottles of Precision Cleanse and today I’m going to grab two bleach and dye kits for my hair and pray for the best. Any extra tips you guys could give would help !
  2. Im on diversion right now its like probation but without a record and iv had to take urine and hair tests for it.
    After 3 months of no smoking im still failing hair.

    Honestly i think your screwed.
    If you had more time, either more time you quit smoking and or more time to treat your hair youd have some hope but you dont.

    Hair tests are very accurate and hard to fool, they can see usage as far back as 6 months.
    All the meathods to get by it wheather jerry g, macujo or some type of shampoo either involve destroying your hair so much it breaks down the drug metabolites or masks them but they are unreliable being dependent on many variables like your matabolism, usage levels and most importantly the amount of time you have to use them before the test.
    You can try them but at this point youll likely just end up wasting time and money for nothing.

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