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  1. Ok... So I have smoked on and off since I was about 17. When I was younger it was purely recreational but in recent years I have found it truly helps with anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia type issues. Even being a pretty regular user I have taken drug tests in the past and passed (both urine and hair) using Zydot products. So about a year ago I moved to California and was introduced to dispensaries through medical cannibus. Amazing to learn about the different types, doses, strengths, etc. I was smoking 2-4 times a day but it was Cali cannibus and mostly really strong stuff as well as some edibles. Got an amazing opportunity for a great paying job, so again comes the dreaded drug test crap. I had done it before so i was fairly confident but still nervous as hell. It's only my whole life, family, future, and all on the line right? Got to love this society.
    Anyway... I knew about the test a couple weeks in advance so i started my routine consisting of: no smoking, tons of fluids, lots of exercise, then zydot ultimate system cleanse for 220lb plus people and zydot shampoo for the hair. Long, sad story short... Failed the hair follicle test. But my question is... WHY and HOW? Shampoo was not past expiration date, I followed all directions to the freakin letter (just as I did many times before), and even used Neutrogena T gel shampoo before the Zydot shampoo.
    So was it just the concentration was so much higher that the shampoo was no longer enough? Would two applications have done it? Does the bleaching method really work? I read a super long thread about some poor guy doing the "Macujo" method, tons of cleansers, shampoos, everything but the bleaching i guess, and he still failed. I feel like i was cocky or something b/c I only used the Zydot but I had used it in the past and not had a problem. I knew a guy who sold cars who would have smoked multiple times that same day, would get told to go take a random test, he would go home & do the Zydot routine, and NEVER failed. So.... how the hell did I fail???
    I am really terrified of the idea of bleaching my hair but of course i I could go back i would try it in a heartbeat. I just want to see what people on here think. I am in such a shitty place now. This is a level of depression I have never known. All for simply wanting to medicate myself naturally. I just want to know some opinions I guess.
    I refuse to smoke now because this has all been so traumatizing. I got a prescription for marinol to try and at least not make myself dirty in the unlikely event that I get another opportunity someday. And you what...? It is truly crap. Makes me feel flush, get really lightheaded, none of the good euphoria or creative energy, no help with sleeping, and very inconsistent results (one time big effect, others nothing). Oh and it's like $71 for 15 pills of the generic at the weakest dose!!! Pharmaceutical companies and big corporations rule the world, I know. And I know my situation isn't as bad as some of the many sick and injured examples I've read online, but we're all doing the same thing and we're not hurting anyone. I cannot even say how much worse things are without cannibus. This is madness.
    Thanks for any replies.
    Also, I'm re-posting this to try and get some more opinions. if I'm posting in the wring section and i missed a better place, feel free to let me know.

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  2. So I need to clarify what I'm asking I guess. I am not just feeling sorry for myself here. I am asking for opinons of those on here who have beaten (or not) hair follicle drug tests using shampoos, cleansers, this "Macujo" method, bleaching, etc.. Why do you guys think I failed the test? Is Zydot really that questionable and was I just "lucky" using it those times before? As i said I read the super long thread about the guy using this Macujo method and he still failed. What about bleaching? Does it really work?
    I was told by the drug test Nazis that a doctors rec for Medical Cannibus was not acceptable. They asked if I had a prescription for Marinol. I had no insurance, no money, and no way to come up with a prescription-even if I did it would be dated after I had already failed the damned test. A script for Marinol would have been acceptable, to me indicating that they could not really tell if the THC in my test was from Real cannibus or fuckin Marinol.
    So... I know i screwed myself here. If I had a prescription for the synthetic crap, I would have probably been ok. But since I'd used the Zydot shampoos many times before, I thought it would work and never even thought about Marinol.
    Thanks for you comments. The situation just sucks. They had absolutely no flexibility in anything and did not care that my medical doctor had reccommended the medical cannibus.
  3. im pretty sure those shampoos are just a scam.
    drugs stay in your hair for YEARS

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