Hair follicle drug test, occasional smoker

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  1. I went in for a job interview at a company that I previously interned at. For the intern (part-time) position, they only required a urine sample. For full time employment, they require a hair follicle test. My interview was today (Tuesday, August 8th), the last time I smoked was a month before (July 7th). That evening, I only had 3-5 puffs of a blunt. Before then I had smoked about a month earlier (June 2nd) and had about 2-4 puffs. Prior to that it had been over two months since I had smoked (March 30th) but shared 2-4 bowls between two other friends. So basically in the past 4 months, i've had maybe 10 puffs of weed, most recently being a month ago.

    I also hang with some friends occasionally that smoke (3-5 instances in the past month). Is this a factor as well?

    I'm a male (5' 7', 220 pounds.) My hair is short; probably no more than an inch long. I feel as if i have a major shoe in for this position, with my experience at the company the prior summer. I work out 6-7 times a weak for about 45 minutes ALL cardio. I sweat in extreme amounts (my entire shirt will be soaked after a workout). I have no idea if sweating would be a factor in a hair follicle drug test but I decided to include the information in case.

    I probably wont hear back from them for a few days, and maybe not this week at all.

    Do I have anything to worry about? Please help.
  2. Hair follicle are one of the toughest

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