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Hair Follicle Drug Test Detect Shampoo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by wysong92, May 18, 2013.

  1. So I found out I got hired for a lifeguarding job, but they are doing hair testing.  I'm not a regular user, but I did do a few hits off the vape (maybe 5 or 6) on 4/20 and a just one or two hits a few other times this semester. 
    \nI was told by the person hiring me that the test could detect 7-10 months of usage.
    \nIt'll be a month since I smoked when I get my test in 4 days, and the guy at the head shop said I'd probably be fine.  But, just in case, I got some shampoo-- Omni cleansing shampoo.  Now I'm finding out that the person hiring me also said that the test could also detect if I've tried to use shampoo to cover up the fact that I used drugs.
    \nI know there are some shampoos that you leave in and they bind to the hair--I'm assuming those are the ones it can detect.  I also read somewhere that it can only detect the last thing you washed your hair with, so maybe if I do it a day early and be careful not to let my hair touch anything it's touched before, and then washed my hair regularly the day of I would be okay?  I'm having a hard time finding any info on this, but anything you guys know would be great. 
    \nI'm hesitant to use the shampoo if they're going to be able to tell I used it.  It is marketed to swimmers to get the chlorine out of their hair, however, and I am a swimmer who's in the water often.  It's a lifeguarding job!  Is that valid?
    \nBasically, does anyone know if the test can detect Omni, and can it detect it if I used it a day or two early? My test is in 4 days please help!

  2. I literally just went through this with my buddy, he got higher-ed for a internship for GM during the summer at a supervisor position and all he needed to do was take a hair follicle test and he would have the job...He was a heavy smoker, but in all reality, hair follicle tests go back 2 - 3 months tops, and possibly not even that. I bought him a few quick fix products to use before the test, Omni was not one of them, but they all promised the same thing..To detox and burn out the THC for the test, he went and took the test after trying 4 different shampoos, in confidence...He got a phone-call back in a week, stating that he had tested positive for THC and he would not be receiving the job, lesson here is...Just quit till after the test, these cleansers are one in a million for ones that actually work.
    Risk it if you want, worse case scenario...You don't get the job and learn for future references. Good-luck.  :smoke: 
  3. I passed!  They did not detect the shampoo (although I used it two days early).  Here's my story.  Hope it puts someone else's mind at ease to know it is possible to pass.
    I think what really saved me here is that I didn't smoke that much, and I worked out a lot while I was smoking and got everything out of my system quickly, before it had time to get into my hair.  I have no science to back up this statement at all, but my theory is that if you could pass a urine test between each time you smoked, no THC metabolite can get into your hair.  
    As far as the shampoo goes, they can't detect it.  (It was a Psychemedics test!) I'm not sure whether it helped me or not...but I can say that I passed with no questions.  Possibly the stuff that you leave in the binds to the hair and keeps the metabolite in...maybe thats what they can detect.  And possibly they can detect this stuff if you do it right before, but I swam twice and washed my hair four times regularly between the shampooing and the test.
    Some other factors are that I'm in the pool with wet hair several hours every week, and like i said, that I work out a lot; not when i found out I had a hair test necessarily, but DURING the period I was smoking.  Remember, THC is stored in fat.
    All in all, it is possible to smoke and pass.  I definitely think its a matter of how much and how often you smoked.  A few hits every other week will most likely not show up.
  4. 7-10 months! Lol it's really 90 days but there's always factors the more you weigh the longer it backtracks that's why you need lots of exercise.
  5. Also btw your hair follicles must be a certain length to test so just buzz cut that hair then.

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