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Hair Follicle (buzz cut question)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DarkestStrangers, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Ok here I go, hopefully someone can give me some good insight? I am 6'3" 280, a little over weight. I haven't smoked for 53 days except for a little bit on day 7. So technically I haven't smoked for 46 days but you get the point. I was a moderate to heavy user before that, primarily vapes. I know it takes around two weeks from the last time you smoke for you to start growing "clean" hair so with that in mind I have been growing clean hair for 32 days right? If that is the case and hair typically grows a half inch a month I should have a half inch of clean hair right? I always manscape and wear a buzz cut so my hair is rarely longer than a half inch anyway. I also purchased the goods to do the mac method and I can squeeze another 10 days out if this if needed. I'm not even supposed to know that I have a hair follicle test coming. It is for pre employment and they do both urine and hair so if they can't get a good hair sample will the urine suffice? I also have my medical card so I'm contemplating just telling I have the card and quit use because I knew I was switching jobs? My current employer doesn't care but I know the new one will, it's a great opportunity and I would really hate to miss out on it. Any thoughts appreciated, thanks.
  2. Iron-eyes, thanks for the reply. Where in your thread should I look? Anyone else have any input? Thanks

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