Hair drug test results

Discussion in 'General' started by scaredaf213, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Hey guys whats up,
    I just wanted some advice on something.

    My history:
    Only smoked 3 times ever, one was a few years ago, one was about a year ago, and then I took like half a hit at a party in early november, not nearly enough to get high. I took my test like 135 days after this. At the place they took 2 samples of my head hair, no longer than an inch and a quarter. I know it's nearly impossible for me to fail, but I just need some reassurance. My hair grows at an average to fast rate, and I had gotten 3 haircuts between when I last smoked and when I got my test done so even if the test did go back a little longer than 90 days I think I would still be good. Any thoughts?

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