Hair drug test question

Discussion in 'General' started by illinigodly, May 3, 2016.

  1. I took a hair drug test today. 110 days clean right now but before that I smoked everyday. It actually took me about 45 days to start peeing negative as I was testing myself throughout. I shaved off all my body hair after about 30 days and then continued to trim my armpit hair and chest. I had my head hair down to about an inch today so they took from a combination of my chest, legs and armpit hair. All three of these areas did not have much hair so I am not sure they took enough hair.

    Im pretty confident my chest and armpit hair should be clean but am less confident in the leg hair they took. If my hair was shaved completely after 30 days of being clean would this still be depositing in my hair 30 days later?
  2. I think your good tbh
  3. Who the hell is testing you?

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  4. I've had the hai test, youlll be fine
  5. I think it only stays in your hair for like 90 days not too sure though

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