Hair Color Related to Reincarnation's Evolution?

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    Regarding the reincarnation theory, evolution theory, and personality/behavioral psychology

    Natural hair color at birth indicates a time period in a person's life.

    This is not meant to be racist.

    Legend (Rough estimate):

    Blonde - Young, lively, not as intelligent, not fully matured.
    Orange - A rapid change occurs, active ages, searching for their purpose/careers/friends
    Brown - Peak rapid intelligence, knowledgeable, experiencing life, carrying out career/purpose
    Black - Settled down, experiencing life, knowledgeable, intelligence, pursuing career/purpose
    White - Wisdom rises, purpose found in life, seeking final destination of enlightenment.

    Can also classify under seasons of a year:

    Spring/Summer = Blonde/Orange
    Summer/Winter = Brown/Black
    Winter/Winter = Black/White

    Due to many factors not yet provable, an approximation of natural selection can be debatable.

    Our next reincarnation may be the next step in evolution, whatever we have carried out these past millenia.
  2. Lol I think you're cute :)

    Mind sharing how you came to these conclusions, with any extensive information, evidence, data, perhaps even experience?
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    What about the bald babies at birth?
  4. I've seen babies with black hair and older people with blonde hair? How would that make sense?
  5. I had blonde hair when i was a kid.
    I am 19 now with natural brown hair.
  6. Which means a modern day Buddha would look something along the lines of:


  7. Nah man, too much blonde
  8. I don't like to be mean, but this is incredible stupid. Hair color is controlled by genetics, and modified enviromental factors such as sunlight. No deep meaning behind it, regardless of how many blond jokes you've heard. Maybe this is a joke; I hope so.
  9. This only applies to white people (with a few exceptions).
  10. What a load of pseduoscientific trash.

    You certainly posted your "idea" in the right section. Going to take a lot of faith to believe something of that caliber.
  11. .................. Really................
  12. RACIST! lol jk

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