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Hair caked in weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So I just got some bud from a friends friend, and I just got a chance to really look at it, and as I was examining it, I saw there were like white hairs resembling cat or dog hair caked into the weed. The hair wasn't just on top of it, it was between the buds. I took out probably 10 hairs, but there's so much more. I'm pretty grossed out, and unsure if I should even smoke it. Has this happened to anyone? And does anyone recommend that if I clean all the hairs out, the bud should be fine? This is the weirdest thing I've seen. :/
  2. With the hairs in, its gonna smell so fucking awful. I would talk to the dealer about it.
  3. I got the image that the guy who grew it must have been a crazy cat person with like 50 cats rubbing up on his plants. Ehhhhhh. I wish I could ask the guy about it, but it was a deal where one friend got it from another, who got it from another, and so on and so on.
  4. Like this but white hairs?
  5. Are the "stretchy"? If so then they are webs from spider mites. Let your dealer know so they can tell their dealer/grower so they can take some preventive measures so it doesn't happen in future harvests.
  6. I finally got a pic. My camera isn't that great, but i'm sure you can see the hairs.
    It's nasty! (Also, so is my thumb nail, ignore that...) [​IMG]
  7. Holy fuck!

    Edit: Had to get that out of my system first. Wow, be damn sure to let your dealer know how bad that bag is. Doesn't matter if it's the dankest of the dank, if it's got that much hair (or spider mite webs, don't know yet) then it's not enjoyable and will definitely taste weird/bad.
  8. lol... not sure if srs...

    pretty sure thats just some dank bud.
  9. Looks like brick that was in the back of a pickup with a white dog next to. An older white dog with short thining hair. I can see it now

    edit-idk thats a bad pic
  10. Just pick 'em out, man. Then fingerbust it a bit to see if you got it all, if so, throw it in the grinder. Then continue to smoke it.

    (stop smoking it if it tastes funny)
  11. Grind it.... it'll be easier to pick the hairs out and they wont break.
  12. The hairs aren't stretchy btw. And like I said, they're buried pretty deep in the weed. Smells awesome though!
  13. Tell your dealer/grower to keep their damn dog/cat out of the vegging room then! :smoke:

    Good thing they aren't stretchy. I found a few spider mite webs in some really dank bud once. Busted out a 30x microscope and, sure enough, I found a damn mite hiding in my bud. Looked a little more and found 3 others hiding near the main stem. I eventually found a 5th one in the bottom of the bag. Rest assured, I picked through every single speck after I ground it up.

    Really hope I don't get flamed for smoking bud that I knew had spider mites in it... It was some of the dankest I'd seen in a long time and my dealer was going to be out of town for the next week.
  14. So I probably wont die or get a terrible lung infection if I smoke this bud after cleaning out the hairs?
    And since you, Shpongle, didn't die from your spider mite weed, I think I should be good if I just super clean my bud.
  15. A little bitty mite. You eat more than 5 spiders a year. I would have smoked the hell out of it.

  16. I feel you my friend. You did what you could I probably would have done the same.
  17. You'll be fine. Just pick out any visible hairs. Chances are you wouldn't even notice the burning hair smell/taste since the cannabis smoke will have a much stronger smell/taste.

    Hope you enjoy your de-haired weed. Also, show that picture to your dealer. I'm sure he/she will pass it along to their supplier.
  18. we smoke and fuck up our lungs...the animals we eat are raised in shitty conditions (literally and figuratively)....our homes are filled with some of the most disgusting bacteria and germs imaginable...yet little hairs are still enough to drive people away...i bet you throw away food as soon as it hits the floor too...
  19. lol fuck it smoke that shit, smoking hairs aint going to do shit, jesus christ your smoking a damn plant smoking some dead hair follicles will only make it taste a little bad, But you will still get high :).

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