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Discussion in 'General' started by abrahamx, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Fuckiin gettin $9k back in tax return fuckin tax fuckin mulah. Word em up! Just wanted to brag.
  2. how? i mean thats a lot from tax returns, r u listing a younger sibling or some shit?
  3. Whata ya done do mane? Damn.
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    one kid and a wife that works. Got 6k last year. I have no idea why it is so much. I'm not bitching though. Probablyl because I have been laid off and we are in a different tax bracket. I have been making about 50-60K less a year for the last three years since construction has been bad. Only brought in a whopping $18k this year. I think I made more my first year working as a landscaper when I was 18. Only worked about 8 weeks though last year, along with unemployment.
  5. I'm in the construction industry also. We went from doing a little over a million in revenue three years ago to doing only about $18K as well last year. Its pretty crazy. Thankfully the solar industry has picked up in California because we'd be sol w/o it. This year is looking up for the construction industry compared to the last few. :smoke:
  6. almost the same exact thing over here in MI. With wind more but solar is there a little.
  7. There's really no construction at all here in Florida, I was a plumber but now nothing for the last 2 years...

    We have a little bit of commercial work but as far as high rises, condos and single family homes go, there are thousands of brand new never lived in ones that still have no one in them and they are cheap.

    Nothings being built because of that and its gonna be a long while until it goes away.
  8. Sucks indeed. But the important thing is I got 9k comming.

  9. True that, grats on the cash spend wisely.
  10. buy a lb.

    that will be all.
  11. damn. i wish i was getting 9k but im getting alittle over 2k. the thing is though im single and i have no kids.
  12. wowwwwww man.. from a million down to 18K??

    that is just freaking insane man. Best of luck to you construction guys, i hope 2011 is the year business picks up..

    that is just a HUGE friggin drop in revenue man..:(

  13. I just got 20+ ounces from the three plants i just grew in my last grow (see sig). Will go to bills and $2,500 each for my wife and I. I am just going to throw it in the bank and use it for whatever. Gotta get a new slide for one thing, any suggestions.
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