haiku freestyle...

Discussion in 'General' started by skedastik, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. only haiku here fellas.... 5 7 5 or 3 5 3..

    smoke parts in mid air
    signals to me, i respond
    with an understanding smile
  2. thats 5 7 6 ^^^
  3. whoops... 5 7 7 actually... we'll try again

    master of haiku
    i call to everyone here
    to post some cool shit
  4. the winds swirl quickly
    with relentless pounding rain
    as i toke inside
  5. people toke for life,
    entropy manifests, but...
    force of will prevails
  6. a weeping eye dries
    pain subsides, fear drowns in hope
    stay for eternity
  7. she sprouts through
    to grow tall and strong
    harvest, smoke
  8. As i gaze skyward
    The clouds drift past my red eyes
    Peace returns, i toke.
  9. balogna:

    eat the grody beef,
    turkey is there for good taste,
    pink flesh makes for yum
  10. friday comes
    peace of mind follows
    time for bud

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