HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love old people

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  1. so i just got out of the gas station, i'm high as fuck. I grabbed some cheese pringles, another grape swisher for our second blunt, and two red gatorades for me and my homie. we are pulling out of the gas station when i see this old lady in her mercedes just sitting in her car infront of the EXIT of the car wash. Of course we have to see what happens, so we just post up next to the STOP sign and watch this old lady. She goes into the carwash through the wrong way! She seriously stayed in there for 5 minutes, then drives out through the entrance and nails the car waiting to actually go into the carwash. LOL

  2. Holy shit! thats hilarious!:laughing:
  3. Dude, I went to walmart to get some sodas, and I saw an old lady like, checking out with lots of stuff. She finishes and then walks away with the cart but leaves all of her purchases at the counter, and the lady runs after her. Haha she was higher than me.
  4. roooflll, how bad did she damage the other car?
  5. yeah thats one perc you can look forward to when you are old as shit - people cant tell if you are on drugs. lol
  6. Dude, when we're old we'll be on so many drugs anyway

    Snorting liver pills and sprinkling Viagra on blunts
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    basically wrecked the front end of the other car, smashed headlight, bumper
  8. That's so funny! I love seeing stuff like that.
  9. LOL I always crack up when I'm driving and see someone that can't drive. But that shit is hilarious. What about old people on the highway? that's usually some funny shit.
  10. this story definitely made my day

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