HAHAHAHA EPIC WIN *Robbery story cont.*

Discussion in 'General' started by Ballsofsteel420, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Alright, so I made a thread before that got deleted about how I was going to get bud for $50 an 1/8.

    The kid tried robbingme with his friend, but I pulled a knife and the kids ditched like little pussys.

    So anyway, I was talking to the kid via facebook and he was being all apoligetic and shit saying he was fucked up on xanax and alcohol and he didn't mean to do it.

    so today, I talk to the kid in school. apparently now he was "fucked up on xanax and adderall" so the story fucking changes...

    anyway, I was talking shit to the kid about how he is a little bitch and what not... THE KID GAVE ME WEED FOR FREE BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID AHAHHAHAHA

    He gave me like half a gram of high-mids, but it's straight lol... i got that shit for free.



    Smoked a fucking J of that shit and I'm lit... haha

    idk what the fuck to do about the kid... he tried robbing me, but is afraid now and gave me free bud...

    fuck him... i wont do shit to him unless he trys this shit on anyone again.
  2. He tried to rob you, so you pull some nice Extortion on his ass......

  3. Go back to school and get in that *****s face and be like "what else you got for me?!" AND then take his other drugs also.
  4. I say milk this cash cow for a while but make sure to know when to quit because he might get fed up and snitch. Just sayin be careful, but shit looks good for now so i say score a lil bit more bud.
  5. Yeah hahahaha "bitch where the fuck are my xanax?"

    actually im not even joking im going to get all i can get out this kid.
  6. What if he sprayed that weed with fucking arsenic or some shit? I wouldn't accept drugs from that kind of person who knows what the fuck he did to it.
  7. Now I know you're bullshitting us

    FACT - when you told the story the first time there was a car full of them

    inconsistencies, man, inconsistencies

  8. ....really?.................Really?

    Cause we all have access to liquid arsenic, cause I know while consuming something already illegal.

    I'm buyin all that A you got homie.

    ....had a feelin
  9. there was a car full but only him and his friend got out to try and take my money... everyone else was too pussy.

  10. No... You may wish that a car full of people were too afraid to rob you, and only 2 manned up. They probably just thought you'd be an easy target and no reason for their faces to be shown incase you reported it.

    You wouldn't have stabbed that guy though. He was dumb for believing you would and dumber for giving you free bud. He might also get a knife for next time he sees you too. If those were really his boys then you can expect them to get you back. Just a heads up.
  11. yeah i feel you dude. I was mad paranoid this guy was gunna give me this shit then report me to the administrators but i had that shit where no-one would find it until the end of the day.

    and that's true, I wouldn't have stabbed the guy. infact, i wouldn't stab anyone... i'm not a violent dude, but pulling a knife and using one is 2 differnt things... and they don't know I wouldn't stab them.

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