hahahaa so I went to my truck for a drink

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TAZZAK, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I went down to my truck to get a gatorade I left in there, I got in the truck and opened up the gatorade, took a sip and left the parking lot. When I got to the street I looked both ways and said...wait...where am....i going?

    hahahahaha that's when I realized I just went to get the gatorade.... went back up to the apartment afterwards.

    wasn't even high :hide:
  2. haha, i do that a lot, well not exactly but stuff like it. like the other day i went to get some milk and i was just staring at it, hahah but i was baked:smoking:
  3. haha do that all the time. zone out when i look at shit.
  4. I'm pretty add... when I get high it actually helps a little... well... i say it helps a little, but sometimes it makes it way worse too. like putting your food in the fridge instead of a microwave. I laugh at myself so much when I'm high because I'll get SO confused, and then realize how dumb i'm being.
  5. one time before leaving to my freinds house i was looking for my wallet so i ram sacked my room looking for it and i left. I came home stoned later that night and i was like WHAT THE FUCK happened here, did my room get searched by cops. I just layed down scared and feel asleep. I woke up and i was like WTF ahahah

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