hahaha....serves him right!!!

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  1. a friend went up to a rave in London a few days ago and he had some ketamine on him. As he was going in, the bouncer searched him and found it. Thinking it was coke, he racked up a huge line of it and just collapsed.
    Don't think my mate hung around to see what happened...
  2. Whenever you take Ketamine nasally, it doesn't hit you until it can be absorbed (As with any drug), and doing a whole giant line is going to take awhile to absorb fully and effect him, so there is no fucking chance in hell that he collapsed from the effects of the K immediatley, he prob hit the ground 5-10 minutes later when all the K would have fully hit him....
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  3. well mate, you weren't there so how could you know?

    provide me with some hard, scientific evidence and then i might believe you...

    until then...
  4. your right man we were not there !there are to many factors!but take my word for it, brainrape knows his drugs!good luck tazz11, the rainman!
  5. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/ketamine/ketamine_dose.shtml

    This is the Doseage in milligrams, the method of administration, onset and duration statistics for Ketamine Hcl.

    I don't doubt that dude would have hit the fucking ground from doing a giant line of K, it just wouldn't have happened for about 5-15 minutes...

    In my experience with K, I have never had a nasal dose hit me in less that 10 min or so, especially not to peak and drop into a K-Hole.

    Even when I inject Ketamine Inter muscularly I don't get dropped out of oblivion until about 2-3 solid minutes have gone bye, and when I IV inject it I have about 20-30 seconds before I fade away...

    Anyways, sorry man, Didn't mean to anger you, it's very possible that he did collapse from a combination of drugs, or any number of circumstances, but not from the nasal administration of Ketamine alone.
  6. my guess he was a light wight!or a newbe!tazz11
  8. no! its scarey for the one passing out . we had a young newbe go right out cold on his feet he was out for 3 mins it scared us all! we were smokeing apollo 13!its dont the same thing to others and yes at frist impression its funny!take it easy we arent here to bark we like to discuss anything that makes us think!and some that dont!so whats up dude!good luck tazz11

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