hahaha! i smoked crack.

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    last week i smoked crack for the first and last time. here's how it went.

    ok, i was chillin with my boyfriend and two friends on the futon at my boyfriend's house. i didn't get any sleep the night before, so i was nodding off and not even hitting the bubb whenever it was passed to me. everyone was trying to get me to wake up, but i was reeeeally tired.

    my boyfriend heard the doorbell so he went to answer it. he called for me from the front door, so i reluctantly got up to see what he wanted. he said his friend, louie, was there to fix the air conditioning. i hadn't met louie before, so i shook his hand and introduced myself.

    they started to walk towards the backyard and my boyfriend motioned me to follow. i thought, "man, i don't want to watch these guys fix the a/c, i want to back inside and lay down!" but then, my boyfriend told me, "louie's got something that will wake you up." i thought he had some tweak or something, but louie pulled out a little clear one-hitter pipe and a small baggie with white rocks in it. then, i understood. and i was angry! i've never had any desire to smoke crack, i don't even like coke. crack has nothing but negative connotations in my mind. i thought, "what the fuck!? i don't want to smoke crack! what the fuck!?!?" i told them i didn't want to do it. but my boyfriend convinced me after a few minutes. i said what the hell, i'm up for trying new things, especially if it's free.

    louie said he'd show me the proper technique. he hit it and told me to watch. then he handed me the little pipe and i giggled to myself and thought, "wow, i'm actually about to smoke crack." so i hit it. louie told me to hold it for twelve seconds. it burned my lips and had a strange flavor. the three of us passed the little pipe around. we each got about four hits.

    i felt it shortly after the first hit. my lips went numb where the pipe had been. i was so fucking happy! really speedy, and wanted to talk a lot and do anything and everything. i really enjoyed the cigarette louie gave me, and i hate cigarettes. i wanted to go to the park and climb trees, but my boyfriend said the high would be gone by the time we got there. my boyfriend and i went back inside and louie stayed outside working on the a/c. i was feeling nice for about thirty minutes or so, then i felt like shit. i felt the complete opposite of the high. exhausted and sad, all i wanted to do was lay there and not talk and not think about anything. it was probably the worst comedown of my life.

    so that was my first and last time smoking crack. from here on out it's the standards: bud, shrooms and acid. and on rare occasion, a little experimentation, of course.

  2. props on having an open mind.
  3. I like crack. I like crack so much I can't do it
  4. Smoking crack is all good because you have an open mind?. ROFLLLLLLL.....

    I was a MAJOR crackhead(along with my brother) for 2 years. It took all my might to get off it.

    doing hard drugs is never a good idea because it is VERY VERY addictive. One taste of that heavenly feeling will make you keep coming back for more.

  5. youre the man!

  6. i was craving more, but i had the presence of mind to refrain from asking louie if he would oblige. i thought, "i like to try new drugs. not make habits out of them. i'll just keep chillin on this futon."

    the comedown is so shitty, i would never do it again anyway.
  7. Yeah, the comedown is VERY depressing. It will make you paranoid as hell, and search for more and more. That would be the only thing you would be thinking about ALL DAY. The dangerous thing about it is that you can get hooked on your first time. My first time was nuts, I smoked and then had sex. It was one of the best experience I have ever had.

    WEED > The rest
  8. Hah, hear that.
  9. never had THAT bad a comedown from crack. always just felt like a coke comedown but weaker.

    shit is wack though.

  10. Wow when I grow up I wanna be jusst like you.
  11. Crack eh?

    Well, at least you tried something new.
  12. i smoke a little rock,,,,,but rarely....it's o.k. in moeration,,,,,,

    i cant have sex while on it,, my peter quits working,,,,,

    it's a goo buzz,,,,,but it can only be a one night a month eal....

    or you may have a problem...:cool:

    you like the taste///////////?/m my question mark,,,,quit workrking,,,

    that rug gets so many ugly people laid....,,,,,,
  13. Wow, you're braver than I. Something about a drug that could drive a grown man to suck penis for it drives me away lol.
  14. How do you know the dealer doesn't have a crack-flavored penis?

    That might make it a little better
  15. never tried it..i comedown pretty hard off coke alone i cant imagine what its like when crack wears off. ive thought about shooting coke though. id prob do that before i smoked hard.

  16. dude the taste is one of the best parts of it. it's fruity :hello:
  17. good job.. on not wanting to do that again
  18. lol.....u expected tweak and u got angry when he gave u crack instead? gimme a break lol.
  19. everyone who says a crack comedown is less bad than a coke comedown, u aint smokin crack right

    i didnt smoke it right the first few times i tried it, but once u get the technique down you get a serious ass bell ringer, not just a speedy feeling, but an insane ass rush, sometimes its intense enough to make you puke

    i could go for a 20 peice , just enough for like 1 big hit and then a 2nd resin hit

    haha and yea, crack does taste super good, its like a plasticy taste but pleasant
  20. Well when you are young, you will do the DUMBEST shit ever. That is how I got into crack, peer pressure. Im old now, I am obviously against all these hard recreational drugs.

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