Hahaha, get this (awkward situation.. which is right now man.)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vil of Valhalla, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. okay, so get this
    today im going to my cousins house for easter.
    their family is the most stuck up, "rock music is bad!", "cut your hair you hippie!", kinda families.

    and im sooo high! and my sister like.. gave me some crazy pills man. its crazY!

    im soo gonna get caught. this is Hilllarious! ahahahahaha.
  2. haha have fun
  3. crazy pills, you have to elaborate
  4. You should go there, in like a tye dye shirt. And then start blasting the grateful dead or something. Or play some sabbath. That would piss em off lol
  5. Haha that's pretty cool man. Go there and be as trashy and hippie-ish as possible. Are your cousins assholes too, or just their family?
  6. I go high to all family occasions. Just act normal.
  7. if you were cool you'd get naked...
  8. hahaha, well, try not to make an ass out of yourself, it pays to be on the ins with both good and stupid people man, as long as the stupid people don't overrun your life.
  9. i dress kinda.. rediculous normally actualy.

    im wearing like shredded jeans with red and black plaid pajama pants under then so its visible. and i drew all over the jeans.

    im wearing a red hot chili peppers shirt.

    a black and white striped belt.

    crazy old man sunglasses

    and a beige and maroon blazer, sport jacket thing

    and my shoes are gold and red roos.

    Actually my cousin is really chill. the retys of them are insane though. if he had any canch of getting away with pot he'd do it. but he has no chance of getting away with it.. so he doesnt.

    they were.. like aderal.. and then some condecine.

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