Hahaha funny guy at A+.. and buss driver too i guess...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Heh well on way home on bus we sit in about the middle and someone was gettin off and my friend yelled to the front happy 420 to her and have fun celebrating and our bus driver started smiling and laughin to himself.. heh then right when we were ssteppin off friend was like 'have a great day mr bill! enjoy the herb' and he was just laugin his ass off upfront and said will do becareful today haha

    then we went to go grab some gas and the guy at a+ where we buy our shit from (like blunts cigs blabal) everyday was like 'ah thought u would come in today .. big day isnt it@!@' hehe i love this guy :p

    ..other than that 4blunts 2 joint for my 420 =D nice like quater split w/ friends .. started w/ 1g blunt and .5g joint baked out car w/ 4 kids on way to class.. blunt in chicks basement on couch (i never get couch sessions i love them to death cause there so laxed) then we rolled to ninnys and had a small sesh and then ofcoruse work needed me.. so i went in man was i retraded-ly slow i was last one out ;p .. smoked blunt there and somoene smoke me up joint =D .. mm hit bed at 1153 and was out in a second.. love that shit!
  2. Hahahaha, that's pretty sweet. Coming back from the huge pot rally on parliament hill, I obviously forgot where I parked my car (a predictable situation) and spent like half an hour wandering this neighborhood and I couldn't believe how many people were on their porches smoking up. Plenty of "Happy 420s" thrown around :)
  3. haha bus driver said happy holidays again!!@!! wtfff he def blazes ima ask him to .. nah heh but stil would be sick blaz/in with bus driver

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