hahaha Above the Influence related.

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  1. what a waste of our tax dollars
  2. If they even are real people, they need to grow the fuck up and quit being a pussy.
  3. Haha. I didn't really figure the whole layout of that page, so i started watching that peer pressure vid. It's so hypocritical.
    Just in that peer pressure vid, there is a huge contradiction.
    "I have a friend, she was really insecure about what she was, so she tried to fit in. So I kept telling her that she needs to be herself."
    Anyone see the irony?

    But that's not it. There's a gigantic contradiction which I spotted in the video you meant to show us. I only watched half of that, by the way, I could not hear any more shit.

    The pale blond kid with the red eyes.
    "When I found out one of my friends was doing drugs I was angry. I was so angry, and I kept that pressure on, I let him know that I wasn't going to be his friend if he was going to keep doing drugs."
    Oh, how righteous of you, above the influence. Preach against peer pressure in one video (somehow managing to contradict yourself in there), yet advocate it when it can work in your favor.

    jesus, that site needs to go down, and the people involved sued.
  4. when i see my friend now at school he's all red eyed and groggy and gets bad grades sometimes .

    riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. i'd be concerned too if i saw my friends tired at school getting bad grades SOMETIMES

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