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  1. I'm so blazed right now, I wanted some munchies, so headed to the kitchen in the dark, and holy shit! It freaked me out, I thought I was at the kitchen door already and I wasn't, so I stood there in the dark trying to find the handle to the kitchen door for about 5 minutes, but it was like 5 metres away, haha. Then when I carried on walking I went face first into the kitchen door, fell on the floor and had fits of laughter for ages, lol. I love times like this.:hello:
  2. Haha totally, done that once myself, had the shiner to prove it to! :bongin: its one of those moments that your like...damn im an idiot..cheers!
  3. lol yesturday i was walking out of the kitchen after getting some munchies and ran into the door
  4. i had an experience kind of like that, but it wasnt at my own house so i kind of have an excuse. i didnt laugh when i fell over though, i was just kinda pissed at myself for doing something so dumb :)
  5. beyond the pale....youre not american.

    and i love my high mistakes.

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