haha why is it only men that are complaining?

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  1. well im high
    and i realized something..
    if you look closely in this forum you will most likely find men complaining about problems with the ladies.. more than women complaining about their men..
    aren't women supposed to be more sensitive than guys?
    what is happening to our society lol :laughing:
    i sometimes complain too about some problems but why does it seem that a guy needs a girl more than the girl needs the guy?
  2. More men on this forum and im sure theres some forum that women all go to rant about dudes.
  3. yeah theres A LOT of ppl on these forums, mostly men...so your gonna have a higher percentage of sensitive men
  4. More guys than girls. However, you want a rant?

    My boyfriend, of 2 years, is throwing our relationship away so he can be selfish. That's fine, but you can be selfish somewhere without me, bitch.

    Don't expect me to hang around and wait until you figure out I'm possibly the best thing you'll ever find. I'm open minded and i let you get away with alot of fucking shit.... no other chick would put up with your bitchy moods and sometimes eeyore-like personality.

    You've been a fucking cock lately, sorry that it's kinda making it hard for me to blow sunshine and rainbows out my ass.

    Enough man hating. I feel better and i didn't even need my own thread to do it.

    However, the OP has a point... some of you dudes are wayyyyy too emotional.
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    Make this into a thread. Then that'll taint the millions of guy complaints with a legitimate girl one. Doooo it.

    EDIT: I agree with that last bit. In that "I'm so lonely" thread, the guy is pretty much in the exact same position as me. No girlfriend. Yet he's making a thread whining about it, and I'm telling him to quit whining and depending on other people. It's all about your mindset and the way you were raised I guess. I was raised not to complain about shit and to just go fix the problem if it was bothering me so much, otherwise to shutup. And I'm glad.
  6. I complain else where when I need to because my boyfriend has an account on here ... XD

    and when i tried to complain on here before, I got responses like "you don't fuck him enough"

    and that's not helpful, so I gave up
  7. When a forum, such as this one, is like 90% or 95% male, is it really that outrageous that most of the topics dealing with relationship issues.... are created by males?
  8. Cause it's reality, brother!

    Men rule the world, women rule the men.
  9. guys are bitches. yet somehow girls seem enamored with nutty, douchey, emotionally shallow dicks while good guys like me(and im sure many blads) gotta sit on the sidelines.

    But lemme point this out. girls be drivin guys crazy and they only got one outlet: this site. meanwhile girls with a guy dont got nothin to bitch about.

  10. As a girl, I think that relationship drama = not worth fussing about. If it isn't working out, I don't whine, I just move on.
    I think that this phenom on the board is all about percentages and ratios. There's way more guys on here than girls. And we females can bitch to anyone and it's "being a girl" or "pms"... guys may tend to post here more about it because they don't want to seem "girly", "b*tchy", etc to their friends IRL.

  11. Bullshit, i need my boyfriend but it seems he doesn't need me.

    Some girls are bitches and some guys are bitches. :p

  12. Girly, please trust me on this one.

    You don't need your boyfriend, you need a man who actually deserves you!

    A man, not some silly boy.
  13. Yeah, but i won't hold my breath.
  14. Genetics.
  15. Society has bred a generation of man pussies.
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    Oh don't tempt me... My posts get REAL long on this one... Let me vape a sec and then warm up........*..........*cough*.....*cough-cough-Coooough*...Mmmmkay better.

    ***I am speaking in the POV of “good” men; not rappers, rock-stars and players etc… Civil, decent, men.***

    You see it's rather simple; women through out history have been controlled and oppressed since the dawn of "man." Men have been emotionally repressed by women, and thus men also...

    As time passed and women fought and gained their "rights," (partially b/c of Fem's, but that org was largely a political front set up to incorporate women into the working world for increased profits and taxes...I digress) men started losing rights as well. Not "rights" in the legal sense, but socially. ...okay this could turn into something very long and rhetorical, so lets go with cliffs:

    This can all be summed up with 3 words; Loss of CONTROL.

    1) Women gained legal "rights" = men lose social rights.

    2) Women gained legalized-financial "equality" = men lose social-equality.

    3) Women still expect the unequal treatment afforded to them by socially accepted oppression (we gotta pay for all their shit/dating). Men lose financially.

    4) Women expect men to "open up" emotionally, but thus cannot handle all these newly found emo'd men; biology kicks in and says "that's not 'manly,'" thus women are confused (again). Men lose “manliness,” and thus their ego is damaged.

    5) Men are confused about their socieo-economic status regarding women and their newly established "rights," and presence in the work place. Men are also confused about still having to pay for dates, when women should pay for their own (or ours)? Men are thus losing their (socially-programmed) male-identities.

    6) Both men and women are confused about their respective "roles," regarding one another; as, women still expect better-than-thou social treatment, while men feel like they are getting conned (by definition—you are). Men lose respect.

    7) Since women control sex, they thus innately control men; women aren't innately good at managing relationships (that's a common bais stereotype b/c most women haven't a clue how to manage their own feelings, let alone a man's.) they dump the responsibility on men; whom don't want it, (to be honest, lol). E.g., if the relationship fails, even if it’s not primarily his fault; he is still socially seen as to blame or as men would say, “dawg, you fscked up huh?” Men lose credibility.

    8) Men are ruled in shadow by women, b/c they control sex; women are always looking for new and better things to trade up; MEN being 1 of them. Since women are now "equal," aside from how they regard dating inequality; women now seek out more Alpha-Males. Men lose social-status.

    9) There are not a lot of Alphas, but a ton of betas; women know this and play beta-males off upon one another; this way she gets even more from both of them in some form: Billy's got a hot car, Daves got a nice place, Tom fucks the best, Mike buys the most shit etc... Men become objectified; men lose their humanity.

    10) Men have LOST control over women = THIS is why men are complaining the most (aside from being a majority of members). You see, just like it's innate that women WILL control most men through sex, men will what? Men have NO modern means of controlling women, other than being perceived as or actually being an Alpha-male; the men who women COMPETE for vs the typical way around... The only men who are really complaining are usually betas, b/c betas innately lack control b/c they are, well... BETA.
    So lastly think about this closely...

    Men INNATELY want control over women b/c women are JUST as trifling and untrustworthy as they falsely demonize most men to be. You have a pussy and that makes you unequal in sexual-power vs men innately. Thus controlling women IS in OUR best interest as men. Out of control women bring drama and problems in a man’s life… controlled women = happy men. Like it or not, it’s ALWAYS going to be this way, no matter how “educated,” nor “liberated” you claim to be. It’s BIOLOGY 101. Note I said control and not servile… there’s a big difference.)

    -Here we go!
  17. there are more guys than girls on GC, girls go to their friends when they have problems, guys come to the internet, this generation is much bitchier than previous.
    i think that pretty much sums it up.

  18. WTFsck... I coulda/shoulda just said that... :rolleyes:

  19. Yeah, because i'm absolutely positive if i didn't take the time to read it, nobody else did.

    Not to mention, why do you feel the need to woman hate in every post? I don't understand.

    Not all of us are soulless skanks who are out for your money. Some of us want equality, some of us just want someone to love and care for and some of us just want to use men.

    Would it be fair for me to sit here and say all men are whiny bitches who insist on being selfish and fucking everything that walks just because of my encounters?

    So, for real, try saying something nice about women considering there are alot of us who do alot for people.
  20. Please stop being so mean Girly. You're going to make me cry.

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