haha that'll teach the fucker!

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  1. This happened such a long time ago but its one of the funniest things I've ever seen happen....

    Soo theres this insane asshole that my bro used to hang with named Nick but he jacked his favorite peice and sold it so he smartened up and stopped chillen with him

    anyways my OTHER bro invites this asshole over a couple months later and while hes there he jacks ANOTHER one of my bro's peices and he demanded money for an eigth and 10 bucks for it back and it was a sick peice so both my brothers go over there and just pin the fucker down and re-steal it lol

    The next day my bro was soo pissed and wanted revenge so he hatched a funny ass plan. He called up one of his good friends/dealers and asked him to sell some phony hash to him, and since this kid has hatred for Nick as well he decides to sell him some fake hash, but they dont know what to give him, soo finally my bro comes up with the insane idea to sell him a peice of a chocolate power bar!!

    So in the end, nick ended up paying 30 bucks for a peice of power-bar, haha

    oh well, asshole deserved it

    later i asked him how did his chocolate hash worked out for him lol
  2. haha I woulda laughed if he said

    "man i got SO blazed off of that shit!"
  3. that was a good plan dude. nice
  4. i don't understand people's logic in stealing buds, or pieces, or anything like that from someone else.

    do you think they will just walk away and say, damn that sucks man. i'm really sad that he did that. oh well. nothing i can do now. no, you are going to get your ass beat down, or something like that.

    a buddy of mine just got robbed for 1350 from some kid. greg, the kid who was buying the qp only put in $100 of his own money, his cousin threw in the other $1250. he knew the kid, and they were heading over to pick up a qp.

    i know it's a steep price, i wasn't paying it.

    well there's 5 kids plus the kid who is selling the qp. my friend is all happy and says hi to all the guys and stuff.

    apparently the kid who was selling the qp grew some plants next to the road in that town a few years ago, and the kid buying it took them(he just found them, didn't know whose they were).

    so he says, "this is for fucking me over way back in the day. i'm sorry, i know this is a lot of your money, but take it up with your cousin."

    so the next day the kid selling the qp had his windows bashed in.

    and then...when he fixed his windows, literally got home that night from picking his car up with the new windows and they lit his car on fire and watched it burn.

    normally i would never condone the burning of someone's car, but fuck that stupid prick.

    i am never violent. haven't struck a person seriously in over 10 years. but if someone ever tried to rob me, i would hold no sympathy for that piece of shit.
  5. Hee hee I like that.

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