Haha, Ned Flanders

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dynasty, Sep 3, 2007.

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  2. Bah, This is where i pick my faults with The simpsons. I wouldn't want my kids watching this. I think we can all come to realization, that Matt Groening is agnostic and is spreading his agnostic views to millions of young children.
  3. Cry more about it. At least it's not as bad as little kids watching some right wing christian fuck head or islamic extremist on a television preaching to little kids. I'd rather have my kid be agnostic and smart than religious and stupid..
  4. I'd rather have my kid learing good moral values from a christian than ignorant theories from some athiests. Being agnostic doesn't make you any smarter than a christian. I don't take kindly to being called stupid just because i'm religous. [SIZE=-1px][/SIZE]
  5. Morals are relative, and unless you can specify what these "ignorant theories" are and what "athiests" they're coming from, your entire argument is null.

    And I never called you stupid. Ever. Learn to read.

    And for less complication in my day, I'm taking a proactive role in this "debate" and ending it, because I've seen your past debates, and frankly.. You're not good at it. Quite irritating, actually.
  6. Oh come off it. Atheists can be just as morally sounds as a Christian. The whole idea that atheists don't care if women get raped in the streets or the children get executed is ridiculous.

    The atheists are the ignorant ones?

    Nothing that has ever came out of the TV has been pure. The box itself dilutes the mind.
  7. How is this not refering to religous people, of any sort, including myself.
  8. i know this post was made tn the area of this forum where debates run rampant, but is this really what you guys think about when you watch The Simpsons? i mean, c'mon. its a cartoon. made to entertain. i discover subliminal messaging just as easily as any other blade on this forum, but when i go to watch the Simpsons, im not looking for something to disagree with or get pissed off at. im looking to get entertained.

    thats just me.
  9. You're debating semantics because you have no better point, as usual, but..

    I said religious AND stupid. I could've said agnostic and stupid. or spiritual and stupid.

    My point was, I'd rather a child be smart than stupid, and if they just happen to be agnostic, and not religious, well, that's what they are.

    Don't start something on the ignorance of religion, and for fucks sake, why did you hijack this thread in the first place? A guy posts something funny and what do you do? Whine about it. Just like the thread where the OP posted.. It was either a movie about altruism in chimpanzees or a movie about Bonobo apes, but you posted a video of a dog riding a skateboard and said "I find this much more interesting." I see a pattern here...

    Get off your cross.

    Now, back to the point of this thread: Flanders.

    To the OP: Excellent videos.. That poor man makes me laugh every time, with his sad contradictions and such... Great illustration of Theistic logic. Excellent post. +rep.
  10. Actually, I find this much more interesting...

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    Here's some more agnostic propaganda for you:
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    It's even funnier when you can't understand it:
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