Haha, marijuana's great to have during flu season

Discussion in 'General' started by sublime8992, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Basically I woke up yesterday with the flu and stayed home all day .. I slept from 3PM yesterday to 9AM today (18 hours).

    Luckily I don't have a sore threat, just phlegm in my throat (which is digusting), a bad fever, and a headache. I just roasted a bowl and I haven't felt better.
  2. I know what you mean man, went to a party on Saturday and came home sick on Sunday

    Probably slept most of the day feeling like shit, started to hit the bong and I felt great
  3. haha ya i had bronchitis and i stayed home from school for 3 days and just baked under my blacket and drank cough sypup all day it was great
  4. Hell yeah I love using Marijuana as a pain reliever. I'm hungry now...
  5. Depends on how sick I am If I am Super Super Super sick I cannot smoke without feeling worse. I can barley watch tv without feeling worse. If i Have a cold or a minor sickness it does make me feel better.
  6. I had bronchitis last year and I couldn't smoke, but when I vaporized in helped a lot. I was miserable, my body ached and I couldn't stop coughing. In fact, I ended up cracking a rib from coughing.
    By vaporizing I considerably lowered the frequency and severity of my coughing and my body felt much better.

    And some people have the nerve to say marijuana isn't a medicine? No other medicine I was taking was helping me at all.

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