Haha.. Im on probation..

Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Damnnnnn, probation for Tonyizzle :eek: How the fuck am I gunna do this shit? :smoking:
  2. you gonna suck it up and do it. lol
    that sucks man. sorry to hear that.
  3. Spice Diamond :)
    Good luck fighitng the man!
  4. i did a year of it not too long go,,,,,,,,,,you gotta be ahead of the game,,,,,

    whats your probation for?

    thats the question,,,:cool:
  5. I'm in my second year and hopefully my last. All those fuckers want is money, it's such a scam.
  6. Im on for 18 months for a non-drug related offense... I know I can do it, unlike a lot of the people I know who end up in and out of jail for a long time after being on probation. I just really am not looking forward to it. It's like they keep knockin me down however they can.. Assholes.
  7. that sucks. but yeah, suck it up and do it. my friends on his second year of probo because hes an idiot and cant quit smoking weed.
  8. YUP
    war on drugs is a scam
    that why i stay low all the time:cool:
  9. fuckin probo

    had a good 6 months with it

    worst 6 months ever
  10. all the times i was on probation i lived just like if i wasnt on it, didnt really worry about it, took detox n passed my tests each month, so there was never any reason for my PO to suspect somethin n do a random test cuz i stayed outta trouble and i acted like a nice kid who just made a mistake when i met with em
  11. I'm the only person I know who never had to take a drug test while I was on probation. Strangely enough however, I did absolutely zero drugs during that time period.

  12. ... did your lawyer suck? I mean 18 months probation where you are getting drug tested for a non drug related offense.... you got fucked sorry for ya
  13. You don't know what he did, can't say he got fucked.
  14. Ah..I am fucking fearful of probation. I had a 1 month sample of state enforced DT's at the beginning of summer. Funny thing is that even though I only smoked like 2-3 times that month I'm guessing I never could have passed, as I've that daily smokers can't piss clean for like 40-60 days after they stopped. I was drinking mad water and taking Niacin during periods where it was likely to be tested. Never did end up getting tested which is the shit.
  15. Fuck probo, luckily enough i've never been on it.

    My homie got on probation for 4 months a couple of years ago (he was 15 at the time, they went easy on him) but then he fucked up later on his probation so they gave him community service 150 hours and 3 year probation.

    I told him not to smoke on his probation, but he didn't listen.

    I'm a sneaky smoker, i stay under the radar :p
  16. Tip for those who don't want to go to jail..: don't smoke the night before your PO meeting. :eek:
  17. my friend is going to jail because he violated probation. hes an idiot. dont be like him.
  18. I was on probation for 6 months not too long ago and it was easy. I had to meet with my PO once a month and it wasn't bad at all. However they alsp made me take a "Moral Reconation Therapy" class every week for an hour which was the gay part. But I never did get tested or anything, probably because I wasn't there on drug charges.

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