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haha i threw up. help me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aka Sheezy, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey GC, heres my story. I've smoked regularly for about a year now. I smoked some real good nug and have a decent tolerance. The past 3 weeks, all I had smoked was mids cus I had an easy, cheap hookup for it. last night i smoked a 3 gram blunt of some bomb shit and then roachenated it. I was taking huge hits cus I was trying to get so high. Then I threw up. Why? and what will happen when I smoke like that again? will i throw up again? cus i was extremely high and i think throwing up was worth it.
  2. you got too high and greened out
  3. Well for starters, It could simply be because marijuana smoke does contain carbon monoxide wich IS toxic, but straight up weed shouldn't make you throw up, It should actually have a reversed effect and keep you from throwing up. It could also be health issues. It could also be many other things that I dont know. Im just saying what I know. :smoking:]

    EDIT: Did you mix, like where you consumming anything else?
  4. No big deal, every two weeks someone is posting this. Personally ive only threw up once from smoking and thats because I had a nasty stomach bug and just needed to puke it out.
  5. Exactly. Throwing up is usually caused by:

    - getting shitfaced drunk before you smoke(just Trust me.)

    - swallowing smoke(from taking too big a hit)

    - greening out(too much good herb, or a noob)

    If you want to get really high, just take your time when hitting the bong or joint. Hell, it's not like your high is going anywhere for the next 2-3 hours anyway...
  6. I've never thrown up. I almost did once from accidentally swalling too much smoke, but I made my mind work through it.

  7. I've learned this the hard way and can vouch for this comment.

    But if your smoking habits are causing bodily discharge, I would re-consider your smoking habits.
  8. It wasn't the weed it was the Tobacco in the Blunt rap. You probably held in your hits for

    too long and got sick from too much nicotine. When you smoke cigs you don't have the

    smoke in your lungs for anywhere near as long as when you smoke weed. For blunts

    you should only hold your hits in for about 2-3 seconds instead of the usual 3-5 if your

    new to tobacco. Slowly you'll build up a tolerance to the tobacco though and you wont

    have to worry about it.
  9. Definitely the tobacco, it induces nausea. Most smokers don't feel it because they smoke relatively small amounts and usually have a tolerance.

    Smoke on!:smoking:
  10. It has nothing to do with the tobacco people. I am a cigarette smoker and I never throw up from tobacco smoking, but yet I have thrown up from smoking weed in a bowl. It was because I was swallowing too much smoke and I think I was smoking too much at the time. I remember one time I got a stawberry shake and a bunch of burgers from mcdonalds and ate them before I smoked figuring it would keep the munchies away and I just threw it all up on the floor. I was high as fuck, so high that the room was like a rollercoaster spinning and shit. I couldnt keep my eyes open and if I even tried to open them I would throw up. The dude just greened out.
  11. It could be the tobacco in his case if he ISNT a cig smoker. People that dont smoke cigarretes can easily get sick if they inhale the smoke. And some poeple are even allergic to tobacco smoke, which could (possibly) explain the OPs problem with throwing up.

    In your case and in mine, we are used to tobacco, so we could smoke like 4-5 blunts without throwing up.(Unless we had some dank shit:D)

    But throwing up could be because of a variety of different things. Sickness, drinking alcohol, eating to much, etc.

    This is of course just what i think, im also high though, so i kinda rambled on...
    SMOKE ON!:smoking:

  12. I threw up once, It was on my birthday, me and a couple friends smoked like 9 blunts in a hour. ;:hide: I think it was all the tobacco from the wraps. But idk...
  13. more information. I had eaten like a sandwich all day then killed a whole sub before smoking. I've smoked up to 7 blunts a day on many occasions. I don't think it was the tobacco. Although i was holding my hits wicked long. I was trying to get so baked. So maybe its that. Not to mention i hadn't smoked in 4 days..which is rare for me

  14. Its the tobacco, if you smoke cigs and weed, thats prob the reason, and thats the reason i quit smoking cigs, i kept throwing up for no fkin reason. Might be same with you, not sure though.

  15. I don't smoke cigs, nor will i ever. Therefore I have a small tolerance for tobacco. But the thing is blunts are not rare for me. It was just a perfect storm. not eating, holding huge hits too long, hadn't smoked in four days, hadn't smoked bomb nug in like 3 weeks.

  16. Well, those factors are prob the reason why then, i havnt thrown up for over a year and half, but i smoke regulalry and smoke bomb all day, havnt had to go so low to smoke schwag in 5 months now..
  17. Big hits? Maybe swallowed some smoke. It's happened to me. I wouldn't worry, just take it slower next time. :smoking:
  18. you smoked a 3 gram blunt, you just got too high. You smoked 3 grams in one sitting after not smoking for 4 days, thats the problem, it wasnt the tobacco. It happens, one time i threw up when i first started smoking because my entire body got dehydrated, imagine cotton mouth that goes all the way down to your stomach, another time i took too big of a hit and just swallowed too much smoke. It just happens, plain and simple.
  19. ive never puked from bud, or even been close. one of my friends has puked twice on my lawn lol, i guess people just react differently to bud.

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