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    This was in Southeast DC about a year ago and it's a bunch of people going around spreading the word that if pigs come to your door and ask you to search your home, that they need a warrant present or they can't come in.. it makes me happy just watching it, but the best part is at the end. Watch what they do.


    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLpSY8d3gRc&feature=channel"]YouTube - No Warrant, No Search![/ame]
  2. ...is that a white guy there walking in southeast dc.....he's crazy
  3. Nothing like people becoming aware of their rights and expressing them fully :] magical. Especially in parts of town whom the people are kept ignorant because of their financial status.
  4. I have a similar sign not only on my back door leading to the inside (live in a duplex) but also on the door that leads into the aparment, on all 4 doors leading into the house.

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