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HAHA! I just heard the funniest thing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. hehe, so im talking about past drug experiences with my mom right, im older now so she doesnt care if i know...well appearently when my sister(whos 22 now, and totally against any sort of drug) was just 2 years old was acting really fucking hyper one night while my mom was home alone with her, when my dad got home from being out of town at around 8 or 9 pm my mom told him that erica(my sis) had been acting really fucking weird, even for a hyper little 2 year old, and they couldn't figure out what the hell was up with her, until my dad was walking by his room and saw a little piece of tin foil on the ground and then he went yelling for my mom...appearently my dad had some left over tabs of lsd in some tinfoil in his desk drawer that he had forgotten he had, they were easily ten years old so they were somewhat weak, but in a two year old, it sure as hell was enough..anyhoo my dad went into ericas bedroom and asked her if she had been in daddys drawer, she replied "yes daddy, i found crayons and candy!" right then my mom started crying and freaking out, because im pretty sure the children services doesnt like to hear about 2 year olds taking mommy and daddys acid. So they decided that they'd wait it out for the night and only take her to the hospital if something seriouse happend, luckily everything was ok by 5am the next morning and erica finally went to bed after about 7 or 8 hours of playing with "the rabbits"...

    ...but the best part about this though, is the fact that erica is EXTREMELY anti drugs of any sort(besides alcohol..go figure), and my mom somehow forgot about it until these 20 years later and never seemed to mention it to my sister. god damn have i got a story for erica when she comes home in the
  2. hahaha that's hella funny!
    i wouldn't be able to wait to rub it in her face, i'd call her right away! ;)
    does she know your parents have used drugs (or do)? maybe if she did she'd be a bit less adamant about them...
  3. yeah she knows my parents were into drugs hardcore back in their hippy days, but damn i cant wait to see the look on her face...
  4. That would freak me out too!

    I had 2 hits in my upper lip once and my dog came up to me and sniffed.

    Then gave me a big ol' kiss, which was thorough enough to remove the hits of acid. (He usually doesn't lick to the damned gums!!)

    I had to drop a third (damned thief), but it was kind of freaky dealing with a trippin' dog while I was tripping as well.

    He actually walked around behind me (I was laying on the floor on my side), lifted his leg, and pissed on my back!!
    (No, to my disappointment I was not hallucinating).

    And he's a big dog.... mostly grate dane and rot.

    I couldn't really get after him. I probably was lookin' like I had about 18 eyes and 20 hands. (Hell, that's what I was seeing..... j/k)

    I wonder what those kids were thinking during their trip. :eek:

    Good thing the parents were experienced or they could have caused some trouble for the little tykes.
  5. hehe budburner, sounds like your dog had a fun time....ive got a huge ass 150lb rotty who likes to run into the room when she smells pot cuz she knows its time to get high... but that must of been pretty crazy.
  6. You're sister may be telling ya'll that so she diverts the attention away from what she is really doing! Some people do that you know!

    Budburner that's funny as hell about your dog!
  7. thats true bud, she does enjoy her alcohol and every now and then has a cigarette, but she swears that shes never done anything other than those two in her life, (even though her friends are all potheads) it seems highly suspicious, but i know her, and im almost 100% positive that shes not down with drugs. Its just never been her thing, she doesnt care if others do it, cuz shes aware that the majority of the world uses some sort of drug at some point...

    ...oh well, ive been bombarding her with "peer pressure" trying to get her to smoke with me, but so far the closest shes gotten is sitting in the same car as me while i wearin' her down baby!
  8. Dogs and babies on acid. LOL
  9. The Magical Mystery Tour..LOL..:hippie:...:smoking:
  10. LMAO! That's freakin hilarious! :D
  11. The should have taped it and sent it to america's funniest home videos or antiques road show, probably a guarenteed $10,000 for it
  12. that is freaking hysterical lol

    rabbits ... hahaha ...
  13. LOL thats awesome man. I read in a rolling stone article when Jerry Garcias kids were little like around the age of five they got into some acid laced orange juice and hash brownies a lot by accident like that lol. I wish that would have happened to me as a kid.
  14. that would have been fun

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