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Haha,good day man :]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankassnug, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Haha sorry i need to share my day,
    I don't know if this is the right section?
    Well sorry.

    So my friend got about .9 ounces today of some Dank ass nug for 50$.
    The nug was dense as fuck
    Me and my friend took may 8-9 monster hits each. (another friend was there).
    So my friend biscuit (nate). Me and him were tripping out so hard.
    We were pointing at eachother and just laughing, his mouth was so wide haha.
  2. I got your back dog. keep kickin it
  3. Ummm, ok but why did you post this here?
  4. He felt it necessary and he went for it. I don't blame him
  5. We need mods deleting pointless posts like this. There was no information in that post, nor was there really a story.
  6. This thread is pointless. And no, you did not get .9 ounces of "dank ass nug" for $50. Absolute bullshit.
  7. call the police

  8. You paid .9 for 50? Nothing is that dank. And there is no way you got 27 hits on .9.
  9. Such negativity here... You guys all need to go hit some more bowls until you are done being negative nancies...
  10. wait .9 ounces? so thats like 26 grams for 50 bucks? if thats true, congratulations i guess
  11. so true man, What happened to peace love and happiness, you all just jumped down his throat for no reason

  12. this right here explains why ur not a seaosned toker. U got .9 ounces of dank for 50$...thats like 26 grams or so lol...i assume he bought a gram and got completely ripped off cuz ur idiots lol
  13. Wow, Nice you guys, positive stoners.
    Dumbasses (that are dissing me).
    I scaled it dudes.
    26 1/2 g's. Calm the fuck down,.
    I woudn't say it's .9 O without knowing it.

    Yes we got it for 50$. I know the hook, good friends of mine.
    I asked my dealer he said the shit was called Chem D. Never heard of it.
    But it was some good shit.

    Blaze on
  14. i had some chem dog or something like that in Cali, very good shit. Nice buy! :bongin:
  15. I'm listening to Primus right now. :metal:
  16. LOL im just curious as to why you felt you needed to convert your stash fraction into a decimal
  17. Some people snicker after doing these things, since it fools the seasoned stoners. Damn hooligans and their shenanigans and tom foolery.
  18. It seems like the most novice threads always magically end up in seasoned tokers. I see dumber threads here than in apprentice tokers. Get out of seasoned tokers and go back to apprentice tokers. Come back when your balls drop.
  19. his thread is just shoulda been in real life stories..

    but 26 grams of CHEM DOG for 50$$ is def. something to be braggin about.
    ..then again this thread means nothing without pictures.:p:p

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