HaHa, Ernest Borgnine

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned budda, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Ernest Borgnine, age 91, The original Mchales Navy Star was just on fox and friends being interviewed and you could tell he was a little senile in his answers, they asked him how he stays so young, his answer on live day time TV, "I MASTURBATE A LOT", LOL
  2. I like him. He plays Mermaid Man.
  3. That's why he was on there, but you had to see it, everybody busted out laughing. Definitely will be on YouTube before the days over.
  4. Haha good ol' Ernest Borgnine

    Of course you gotta love him as Cabbie in Escape From New York, but he was fucking hilarious as Mr. Denslow in BASEketball!
  5. now i know why i don't have any gray hairs yet.
  6. Are you sure you don't use Just For Men? "The same hair color that Tim Wakefield uses..." as the radio ad goes

    Just messin'
  7. Haha he is a funny old man.

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