HAHA! Cool squirell attacks Cop writing ticket

Discussion in 'General' started by xXMelkorXx, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. they killed it
  2. They killed it because it attacked a 3 year old boy after it attacked the cop. Did you miss that?
  3. Nuh uh, it didn't say they killed it they said it was still at large.
  4. One news team says it was killed and another says it wasn't. So who knows? :confused_2:
  5. LOL it's a squirrel, i doubt anyone knows! They probably just whacked some random squirrel to make sure people weren't afraid of the the "squirrel at large". I mean, who wants a mean squirrel running around? I'd step on it's neck.
  6. "Squirrel starts rampage"

    That statement alone is fucking priceless.

    I love how they say it "didn't want to come off of anything" and that they threw cups and plates to try and get it off the boy, instead of, I don't know, grabbing the damn thing? :p
  7. its a squierrel
    i bet they shot it to pussays
  8. I wonder what pissed off that squirrel so much
  9. Probably rabies.
  10. One word:



  11. He was just defending his nuts!
  12. What? Are they stupid? Throwing plates and cups at a child.

  13. That was the best line along with calling animal control on a squirrel. Good like finding the same squirrel again.
  14. It was the squirrels car that was being ticketed, and the child was used a hostage after the SWAT team was forced to be called in for backup.
  15. hahahahhahahha this is priceless

    LETS ALL THROW CUPS AND PLATES!!!! that will get him off


  16. Rofl.

  17. defending his nuts lol, they probably killed the wrong squirel sense there is thousands around my area lol.
  18. haha lol its still at large! go squirrel!

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