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  1. alright i went to this puddle of mudd,breaking benjamen, three days grace conceret. me and my friend were sittin on the lawn and smelt some bud, we looked over and there were to guys smoking out of a bong haha, we went over and asked howd they get the bong and bud in and they said they told the gaurds at the front that they brought the bong for smoking tobbaco and showed the gaurds a bag of tobbaco, and i asked how about the bud and they said they put a bag of weed in the middle of the bag of tobbaco. haha. so i asked how much weed they brought in and they said a 30 bag and i was like il ppay you 15 bucks if we can smoke it with you and he was like alright man and i had no clue what went on the rest of the conceret haha, goodd timess:smoke:
  2. thats sick dude i was supposed to be in the lawn at the velvet revolver concert last night but they didnt sell enough tickets so we got a free upgrade ot the section in front of the lawn and we had real seats but they were like sit wherever you want in this area so we could still move around if we wanted, we just had a few j's no bong lol thats crazy, like really crazy, but it was still fun they rocked, thats sick the guy had a bong man
  3. haha he keeps callin it conceret
  4. haha thats fuckin' awesome! Just to be somewhere chillen.. and look over and see people toking and then sparking up with them lol. Bah i wish this shit was legal :(
  5. LMFAO!! I was gunna ask if anyone else noticed this too, I thought I was going crazy.

    Nice story though, I wish I could get away with that shit. Security guards at Ozzfest concerts and Lamb of God concerts aren't quite so nice about that sort of stuff. I saw a broken bong on the floor when I was entering the LoG concert, my heart was broken. Then I got over it after smoking a fatty with some friends then beating up some old guys.
  6. almost every concert i go to people are smoking, including me:D

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