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HAHA campus safety

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cavalier, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. so i was just outside minding my own business, smoking and walking around, when the RA called campus safety on me. I didn't know this, so i went and got a hot tea at the convenience store. On my way back, a campus safety "officer" called me over and asked me how long i was at the store.

    I smiled and told him i don't know i didn't time myself. He told me someone fitting my description was smoking a "marijuana cigarette" outside of the RA's window. I told him i smoke cigarettes, that could have been it. He told me "We went over there and we could smell the marijuana." I laughed to myself and said "Oh?" and he went and said "do you have anything on you?" and i said "No". He then told me to give him my student i.d. and follow him.

    So we went inside and he proceeded to call the local police on me to come and search me, called it a "possible 607" on the radio. After like 10 minutes of waiting i said "So when are the actual cops going to get here"... i guess he took offense to this and said "You know we aren't just security, we are between police and security." So i smiled and said "So when are the actual cops going to get here?" and he just said "You are being detained legally because of [...] " and i told him thats cool.

    I took out my cell phone and started texting my friends, and even called one of em to see how he was doing while the campus safety and RA tried to calk to me. They said "so are you good at texting?" i just said "sure". Finally the police officer showed up and comes up to me and says "so whats the deal, you been smokin dope outside and now ive gotta come here and deal with it?" and i said "No officer, i was smoking a cigarette." He says "your eyes are really screwy" (i looked in the mirror after yea i get bad red eyes ;).) I said "Oh sorry officer, i don't smoke often and the nicotine bugs me out". He then said "So you don't mind me searching your person?" And i agreed to it, knowing he had nothing on me. He searched me completely and found nothing. I even offered to take my shoes off for him. He didn't find me funny so he asked if my room mate was in the room. I told him that I didn't know, i don't keep tabs on him. So we went up there, knocked on the door, and i let the officer "step inside" i knew my rights, he wasn't going to step inside and look in everything, and if he did i would gladly hold that against him in court. So he went in and looked around (not in) my room. He said there was nothing left he had to do and that he didn't want to go searching through my stuff.

    Nothing is better than that feeling, being baked and handling the cops. Remember just to act cool and remember your rights, remember that if you are on campus you are better off to cooperate to the extent you know you are safe. I had texted my room mate before hand so he knew to clean up and be prepared. And im still baked :smoke:

    EDIT: I forgot to say, while the RA left her "post" to come take care of me, a girl came up to us and said to the RA "i just got pushed by three boys and they just kept walking" and the RA said "Oh well i was just there sorry i coulda helped if i was there" and i just thought to myself... they wasted all that time trying to bust a smoker that was causing no harm and while doing so, something actually dangerous happened. Wow, whoda thunk it!
  2. Yeah I love having the upperhand with cops. I like to go smoke shisha outside in my hookah to piss them off. The cops in this town are so lame. I know someone who got pulled over for not using his blinker, meanwhile 3 blocks away someone got shot at the same time this kid was being pulled over.
  3. Yeah haha bong hits with pipe tobacco piss them off too :D

  4. You wouldn't be holding anything against him in court, as you consented for him to enter. Consent = legal search

    Good job at keeping your cool though! Would you have been in shit if you had perhaps left your cell at home, thereby not being able to warn your room mate?
  5. That's pretty classic man, well done. When he said we smelled the marijuana over there, you should have said "Well officer, I didn't know it was illegal to smell like marijuana."

    Because it isn't. Cops like to make you think otherwise.
  6. so by allowing him to enter i also grant the right to go through my stuff? Someone told me there is a difference between entering and searching. But yea i knew i was fine since i had forewarned my room mate, and i wasnt sure that since my dorm is on campus if they can give the right to search it or not with out my consent. i figured since i knew i was in the clear id just let him in. im the best at hiding my stash and theyd never get a dog to come to my dorm room:p

  7. Well... Even though you didn't mean it, it could be argued in court by him that when you said he could "step inside" that meant he could search your place. And yes, your dorm is on campus, it isn't your property, the police could have searched whether you allowed them to or not.
  8. Brilliant.
  9. Try being in a police station all fucken high being a smartass to the cops lols old days:rolleyes::smoke:
  10. remind meof the time i got pulled over while i was drunk.... I DONT CONDONE DRINKING AND DRIVING.. i made a mistake...

    i got off somehow with only a seatbelt ticket. the only way i got out was becasue i didnt say a word more then i had to
  11. now you can basically go spit in your RA's face for not minding her own fucking business. I hate that shit man. Fucking republican church addictes. You should call the cops on her for some dumb ass reason just to mess with her.
  12. Start rolling your own cigaretts now. Then you could light one up everytime you see the RA outside or that security guard. I have a friend that walks to class almost everyday with a joint in his mouth and some how he has not gotten in trouble yet. That is a bummer that your RA is a dick. The RA I had didnt give a shit what you did if you were outside of the building, and if he caught you drinking or smoking in the room he had this warning system that pretty much made it so nobody ever got in trouble.
  13. well u smoke cigs so maybe try a spliff (weed/baccy mixed joint) wont smell as much cause bacco smell overpowers it.:wave: oh yeah i dont smoke cigs so just my 2c
  14. Can somebody please tell me what would happen to me in this scenario?
    ok..say im at a busy parking lot where cops come and go fairly regularly and then i bust out a bong and smoke a tobacco hit (and the bong is a new homemade with no MJ residue).
    I so wanna do this
  15. the cops would walk up to your window, as kwhat you were doing, give you alotta shit over nothing, probably ask to search your car, give you some speacj, then would leave.
  16. +rep for handing that shit nicely. I woulda gotten really paranoid. And what college do you go to btw? Who the fuck would go this far just for a fucking joint??? And what kinda RA do you have? What a fucking cock.
  17. you can never tell if these campus "police" actually give a fuck or just don't have anything better to do when handling a situation. I'm going to go ahead and say the later is certainly true, and perhaps the prior in many cases. In your case, sounds like the RA gave a fuck, but the cops didn't. Remember though, "real police" have bigger fish to fry, and campus security don't. I don't know whether it is because some students go to smaller schools or what, but the BEST advice I can give is, even if you don't have an apartment, you should at least be able to find a friend or classmate that does. Blaze at their place. Not out walking around or in the dorms.
  18. when I was a freshman our RA was cool...he drank with us and even blazed with us a couple times
  19. they may be called campus safety but they are full fledged cops under state jurisdiction atleast at my school. so like i go to u of m and you may only get a 25 dollar fine for weed if you are caught by a Ann Arbor cop on Ann Arbor grounds but if you are on campus and a campus cop nabs you you are punished according to state laws =(
  20. I really wish that was true.

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