haha birds having sex

Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, May 21, 2004.

  1. Ok so I get up and I'm doin a wake n bake with a roach blunt. I got some trees in my backyard and Im just sitting on the patio smokin my blunt, I look up into the trees and these 2 birds are going at it. haha it looks so fuckin funny, the way the male kinda flys into the female from behind, man I was laughing at it for awhile. I wish I had a camera, I would have taken a picture, but I dont have a camera so no picture was taken. haha Im so stoned, time to get some breakfast. mmmmmmmm lucky charms.
  2. lol, i love stoners
  3. These goddamn robbins in my front yard keep fighting other birds for the space under my awning. For some reason that's prime nesting area and I've seen many a bloody melee because of it. I don't know what they are but these little tan and brown fuckers are always coming after it, one of 'em got his head all bloody yesterday. And the stupid things still fight over it even if I block up the place they want.
  4. Haha bugs havin sex :smoking:

    I was out tokin a bowl in my car, and these bugs landed on my window. I really gotta give this little guy respect for his vigor and stamina. they were still going at it when I finished my session... go little buddy go!

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  5. ^^ lol

    I caught some funny animal behavior a while back too...nothing with sex lol. I was at my house pretty faded and i see this squirel run up to my doorstep. The lil guy climbs up onto the screen and with one of his feet pressed my doorbell. Needless to say i was cracking up for a good while :D
  6. lol my dog spazzes out and tries to fuck this stuffed bear sometimes......its so funnny
  7. i took pics of some ducks humping each other today. all were blurry though :(
  8. i saw 2 butterflies one day flying by doing the dirty...lol
  9. heh i was at work today and after we closed we went outside to chill and we were sitting at the table outside the place i work and on the table were a pair of junebugs goin at it for like 20 minutes,lots of stamina...
  10. One time when I used to work at Hersheypark I was on break at the employee smoking section, just eating my lunch with a bunch of other people. There was this duck that lived in the bushes nearby and this male duck just jumped on her back and started trying to make it with her right in the middle of the break area. We were all laughing and watching them (it was about the most entertaining thing any of us had seen that day) when the female duck flew off into the park and the male duck flew after her. I bet they tried to continue where they left off in front of kids or something, but I didn't go after them. LOL.

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