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Haha, a weed only diet?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pencil651, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Alright man, think about this:

    Humans can survive eating plants alone (lettuce, tomato) so could a person go on a cannabis diet? Like eat only buds all day? Is it humanly possible regardless of the fact that that is the most moronic thing I have ever thought off while stoned?
  2. I would, but how am I going to get three days worth of cannabis?

    And I will be eating this, so I'd probably need a high quantity for each meal in order to get the "full" feeling.

    So yeah man, yeah.
  3. Eating too much bud can cause nausea and vomitting for days.
  4. yo dude i was foolin! haaha i was just kiddin i dont advise you eat 3 days worth of weed. what the fuck happens when you get muchies huh? you eat like a fuckin o! hehe but if you do try it post pics....
  5. Haha, are you crazy dude? I'm not actually try that shit.

    But wouldn't it be sweet to make all your meals with weed so you're high practically 24/7?

    When you're baking it, just add some weed, cannabutter, etc. man. That'd be so tight.
  6. haha you have to be high to pose a question like this :smoke:
  7. The caveman that invented fire was probally just trying to smoke his bud... lol
  8. you'd need other vitamens and minerals to survive, so my bet is you couldnt last more than a week or two
  9. You couldn't eat the buds or the stalks because they have no nutritional value. Mostly cellulose which your system just passes anyways. However, hemp seeds are packed with protein. A handful of hemp seeds is enough protein for one adult human for the entire day. Not to mention the protein in hemp seeds contain every amino acid there is. The perfect source.

    However you still wouldn't be getting enough vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. Regardless of what anyone tells you your body must get some form of fat. It just doesn't need much and for the most part fat is easy to come by.
  10. Im down to do that, but id also gotta tripp every now and then

  11. Well put, +rep
  12. it was said that buddha survived on a single hemp seed a day . . . which is an exageration, but i'm sure cannabis was involved in some way or another with buddha's life.

    anyway, as somebody posted before, cannabis unfortunately does not contain all the necessary components of a healthy diet. the seeds are high in essential fatty acids and are the second highest protein producing botanical byproduct (second only to the soybean).

    My theory is that a diet of hemp seed, brown rice, and fresh fruits and veggies will keep anyone alive for a great deal of time and probably keep them very healthy. my belief is that if hemp seed were wide spread enough, it could possibly cure world hunger when combined with brown rice.
  13. haha, fuck yeah, i was baked.
  14. Hehe... make a Caesar salad with the leaves...

    You can live for years without all the "essential" vitamins and minerals. Just think about americans. Most americans have NO nutritional value in most of their meals, and yes... they're over weight and very unhealthy. But they're alive.

    Which makes me wonder... how many calories are there in one gram of bud? Probably none... who knows.

    If you wanted to pack some cannabis into all your diet get huge bags of hemp seed and let a couple bowl fulls just chill around your place as a snack and make a couple pounds of cannabutter. Every time you cook through in the cannabutter... you would be so healthy. You'd be getting huge doses of cannabinoids without smoking all day long which would choke off any malignant cells you might have.

    It is my firm belief that Cannabis is a cure all medicine and if one were to quit smoking entirely and incorporated it into their daily diet a long with a couple of other things they would live to be well over 100.
  15. tryying to smoke a bud before anyone knew what fire was? lol hmm.... i agree. lol

  16. oh yes! high while reading it:smoking:
  17. oh man imagine eating stems and bud together
    buds fine but stem is so hard and shit i have gotten cuts from some stems haha

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