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Haggling at the headshop - post your tips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sparky88, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. How do you guys go about haggling when buying new pieces.

    I usually only bring a certain amount in cash then look for something a little more than what I brought.
  2. I try for the multiple item discount usually.. Like, "What kind of deal can you cut me if I get this AND this??" every time!
  3. this is the best advice. have your offer for a bong you like ready.
    talk to the dude and tell him you really love a particular bong, but you only have (this much) to spend.

    this has always worked for me.
  4. If your in a state that has a medical program, some times the shop will give a discounts for card holders..and more times then not they dont ask to see your card and still give the discount..if you catch my drift;)
  5. You actually haggle with them? Is this the flea market? Hahaha..

    Why would they even want to, it's not really a place to haggle. Everything has a price tag and they are ran like every other official business. Sales associates, managers, owners and what not.

    Or maybe thats just around here? I never even thought about haggling outside of a swap meet, food market or buying something from craigslist.
  6. Build a good customer rapore with your LHS and the people
    who work there and you'll always get a nice VIP discount. :cool:
  7. Do you have any experience in sales? You do know that they get paid comission for what they sell. There is a base price and how ever much extra they get away charging goes right in their pocket.

    i.e. lets say piece has base price $60

    the worker says he'll sell it to you for $80

    If you say you will only pay 70, he will sure as hell take $10 over nothing. business.

    And you save $10 and buy a dimebag to smoke in your new pipe. win win.
  8. I'd go with this angle, even if you don't buy anything go in every once in a while to see what is available, talk glass with the owner, and inquire about any new shipments. This way when you do want to buy something they will recognize you as a legitimate customer and not a one time buyer. Respect gets respect.

  9. Not every business gives their employees commission. I know the headshop here doesn't.
  10. Here in the UK a lot of town markets have stalls selling stuff, and they always accept a nice little haggle, especially if you're buying a few things. Even if you're buying one item, you can often get some screens or papers thrown in. Just be friendly, and pick up a few things, ask if they would "take a tenner" (or however much you want to pay). Usually accept the offer, sometimes haggle back, rarely reject it.
  11. Try making a potion...
  12. Headshops are usually owned by an individual so haggling is ok.Although 1 time i was getting ready to drop around 400bucks on some glass and the dude would not come down on price i didnt buy it and wont be going back(because of his attitude)
  13. Well the headshop in my town I have come to find out everything is marked up almost double from the internet. So when im buying an expensive peice (last week I bought a vape) I see how much it is online(not an option for me) and I see how much he marked it up, ill tell him how much I could get it online, mention his price, and offer him something in between because I like to support my local smoke shop and I know he has to make his money. My last purchase I got it about $30 cheaper then he had it marked.
  14. Most high end shops won't haggle unless you have previous reputation with them. They simply don't have to. If they're going to do it, I'd say "well, I'll be flat out, I can drop this much on this today: - and if they say no, well, the only way to know they won't budge is start walking out. Not like you have an option if you don't have any more money...

    But keep in mind, 95% of headshop workers are pretentious assholes and unless you present yourself as a knowledgeable "cannabis" user - they're going to assume you're a jerk and treat you as one.
  15. With a gun ..
  16. almost all headshos i've been to in new york, you can haggle.

    i dropped 120 for an ice catcher ash catcher 1 footer, a cosmic grinder AND a small bowl piece.

    altogether it would have been 170ish.

    i stood in the store for nearly 30 minutes and kept talking about random stuff and got all friendly.

    i'm from a foreign country and bartering, haggling, and stuff like that is in my blood :p
  17. I heard every place you can haggle, like even at safeway, if you get the manager and say "Im trying to get 30 bottles of Pepsi, what kind of deal can you give me?" they'll totally work with you. Its the corporate culture today that the businesses wont work with us. HELLO, they need our money to keep working, they pretty much work for us, they do want us to be happy or at least satisfied in their business.

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