HafStick, hxfstick, hemp and friends' haf stick product is utter bunk

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  1. 2000ml!! 1000ml!! (instead of 1-3ml), The power-on-draw gets stuck on on multipule devices... a person had a dead stick and mine died too after being stuck on...

    5000 puffs?! whatever the hell 1000ml of hhc is(nothing pretty much) dispersed over 5000puffs wouldnt get you any higher than... anything. You might feel a trace effect..

    I felt nothing. i had a clean system except a small inhalation of a metal one-hitter with a half smoked bit in it an hour before i tried the vape.. i never got any more "stoned"(not stoned) than i was originally and i was TOKING on that thing and the atomizer/wick was burning as if it was turned too high [voltage]

    Just absolute crap.

    Im glad to be here though and plan to share more but MAN what a waste.. I'm getting my money back tomorrow or im taking them to court for 40$. plain and simple.

    peace and pipes from maryland
  2. 1000ml of water weighs a kilogram,, for those needing a perspective on the figure.. it doesnt relate to Anything of the actual product.
  3. *the package says 1000g and the figure refers to nothing. It simply says, "1000g" on the [one i got] package.

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